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Class of '96

length:48 minutes

CalStar's cute British schoolgirls. This time a very young "Headboy" contemporary of the girls does the spanking. I prefer stern and stodgy older men to do the work.

Headboy Stenson is proctoring two squirmy blondes, Morgan and Langton, who are skylarking in an after-school session. Stenson's patience is exhausted, and apparently he has authority to spank (but, we'll see, not the talent). Morgan is first for OTK; she wiggles over Stenson's lap, parading an enticing body we should see plenty more of if CalStar scripting holds to form. She is spanked on nice white panties, which Stenson soon slowly tugs down, with obvious pleasure. Langton gets ditto.

Stenson acquires a round black stiffened leather paddle, a CalStar favorite which has quieted the chatter on other videos. Morgan is first to bend over a table--it appears she has pulled her panties back up. Got to see that body! She gets a good sting; Stenson takes Morgan's pants down again, cops a good feel and we get some winks. The girls don't much like their classmate having all this leeway. Langston steps forward for her date with the paddle. Stenson, this time, makes her take off her skirt and pants first.

Finally, both girls are told to strip completely; two professional, curvy bodies, subtle tan lines, and cute trimmed shaves. '96 a vintage year! Both buck nude girls sit and pose on his knees for little feels--farfetched but appealing. Stenson waves the cane; each girl gets a dozen, bent over a table. Headboy Stenson is too kind. Mild marks on beautiful bottoms. the girls are dismissed, dress, and leave.

Stenson walks to another office and spies Dexter, a mousy, shy girl, graffitiing away in the hall. She is marched to Headmaster Mr. Giles' office. We are desperate for some ACTION after the ineffectual stroking above. There's something about this waif which makes you want to see her waffled, roasted to a fair-thee-well.

After her lecture, Dexter must take off her skirt. She goes OTK and is spanked at length on white panties, all the while doing some erotic squirming and muttering protests. Her pants also come down with ceremony. Nice. Next, she gets the paddle over the desk, with major struggling and dodging. I'd say she's legitimately not liking this black beauty. After she takes off her tie and blouse, Stenson canes her. Mr. Giles walks in---aah, it's our experienced relentless CalStar caner; he'll rescue us---and takes up the task to show Stenson how it's done. Giles gives Dexter a surprise jolt with nine crisp stinging snappy strokes in his proficient style, and Stenson has to hold a miserable Dexter down on the table. Mission accomplished.

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