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I'm not totally sure if Cal-Star produced this one or not, but the tape I have gives the Cal-Star address and web URL at the end. This is a 3-part video. The first scenario is a little strange. The girl, a pretty young looking girl, submits to spakings from an older guy for candy. Kind of an odd plot, but to each his own, I guess. The girl is dressed in a white blouse and black schoolgirl skirt with white panties. He first spanks her bent over a desk with her panties up and then on the bare bottom. Then he has her strip down to just her blouse, which is open down the front. She protests this, but it gets more interesting. He has her do some excersizes, including jumping jacks. This is different and sort of cool. Then he spanks her somemore and then uses several instruments. Several different positions and camera angles, including some between the leg shots. The punishments are pretty hard and scene ends with the girl taking her clothes and the candy and takes off. The next scene opens in a classroom setting where the headmaster is going to examine 2 girls who have been accused of getting tattoos. They take off their uniforms and the headmaster is surprised to find nothing. Nothing that is until they remove their navy blue panties. Three guesses where the tattoos are. On the bums. There are 2 girls, one with an american accent and short hair, and the other has an english accent and has long hair. The short haired brunette's tattoo isn't too bad, as it's a small one that is around the waistline. The other one however take up her whole ass cheek. I hate tattoos, so this does nothing for me personally. Anyway, each girl gets a bare bottom over the knee spanking. Again, a few different angles including some between the leg shots. The spanking isn't that hard, but it does get better. They each receive half a dozen or so strokes with the cane. Not a ton of strokes, but he doesn't seem to hold back either. That closes out the 2nd scene. The 3rd scene is a short one and brings back the girl from the first scene. The headmaster has found out that she has been taking spankings for candy and decides she needs some real punishment and is to be caned. (follow that?). So, she bends over and gets 6 strokes on the white panties and then 6 on the bare bottom. Fairly hard strokes and the girls reactions are pretty good. All in all, not a bad tape. It's an hour long.

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