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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active, but there is no more members section. The video clips previously available in the membership area are now offered for sale as individual items. Each clips seems to be the same price at 2.50 EUR each.

Club Corporal has been up for about 9 months or so and offers unique spanking photos and clips. The clips and photos are actually previews of CD videos that they carry, which can only be purchased by members (except for the 2 preview ones they have). But, more on that later. Upon entering the site, you have two choices as to where to go. You can go to the "girls section" or the "library". If you choose the library, this will bring you to an area of ficticious stories. There is one very large novel that you can download by chapter and read and a section of short stories, which currently has 14 features. These are fairly lengthy stories even though they are called short, so if you like to read spanking fiction, there is some good stuff here. You may also access the sales desk, which is where you purchase the video CD's from. Again, more on that later. From the library you can also enter the Notice Board. This area has a little of everything. Annoucements, tid bits, extra photos, goodies, and contests. The library area will keep the member busy for a while in itself, but there is still another section. "The girls" features each of the 10 girls that currently participate in sessions for this site. Each girl has a thumbnail image, which then leads to her own page. There are a few levels of membership, and if you choose the more expensive one, you can actually email any of the girls. Each girls email address is there to click on and you can send her a message. Then there is a few paragraphs of where the girl talks about herself and what she likes/dislikes. You then can click on either "my portfolio" or "punishment file". My portfolio will bring you to thumbnailed images, which expand to roughly 640X480 or slighly smaller images. I'm a nut for high resolution, so I'd have prefered 800X600 and go for the gusto, but these are at least viewable and not tiny like some. The quality is average. If you click the punishment files hyperlink, then you are brought to a page which you can download a few clips of that particular girl. The clips are in WMV format and are short, maybe 30 seconds at the most. All of the clips are from actual scenes that the girl did and can be purchased in full length from the sales desk. Ok, the sales desk. As mentioned earlier, only members can purchase the CD's with the exception of the 2 samplers which can be purchased in the guest area. There are currently 16 CD's available and most are girl specific, although there are some that feature various girls in a particluar scenario (over the knee for instance). The reason this company chooses to release their productions on CD instead of video tape is multifold. They feel they can deliver a higher quality product, as the video quality is better in the high resolution format they use. It is also cheaper and less time consuming to burn CD's than copy video tape. Club Corporal charges $15 a CD, which includes shipping, and video clip time runs roughly 20 minutes or so. They do have a full length video tape available, which can be purchased from Moonglow. The cost for membership is $10 for 3 months (no emailing the girls) or $20 for 3 months (you may email girls). All in all, not a bad site and fairly cheap for the going rate of pay sites these days. They have a nice guest/preview area, so check it out first and if you like what you see, go for it.

ADDED 12/2/02-
From Club Corporal: Thanks for the review of our CDs on your excellent site. Just one point. Our video 'Behind the Scenes at Club Corporal' is not a compilation of all we have on CD. It is a separate continuous 'story' with some sample material from the site added at the end. Clips of the punishments of each girl featured in the video are also available on CD from the site, as with our other girls. We do have, however, a 'compilation' video currently in production named 'Club Corporal, The Punishment Files' which does feature all the punishment files on the site re-edited from the original tapes to run consecutively. It should be available from the Moonglow site in January. (Our arrangement with Moonglow allows us to take advantage of their video copying and shipping facilities.) We have also now made all of our earlier CDs available from the guest area of the site. More recent material is still only available to members.

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