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Co-Conspirators Caned 2

50 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 3/12/10

Mr. Grimshaw, a grizzly ageplay actor, fends off a nurse from Fairfield Nursing Home, who has come to commit him there. It seems his daughter Emily and her friend Sarah have conspired with one, now a second nursing home to have him carted away, because he is a pain, actually a pain in their asses.

He goes to wake Emily but finds Sarah, the thin soft-eyed blonde actress Monica (with lots of spanking credits) sleeping and Emily out. Sarah is dragged out of bed, greets the nurse, who acknowledges Sarah helped make the commitment deal.

Well, he spanked Emily and another nurse yesterday for this conspiracy, so Monica finds herself OTK very quickly, in fashionable silk PJ's, on the CalStar white sectional. He gets her PJ bottoms down to expose white panties. "This is horrible," says Monica. "No wonder they want to get you out of the house," observes the nurse. As the panties come down, "You're a pervert," and we're off.

After a moderate opening spanking, Grimshaw turns on the nurse. "I don't see why I should take a spanking. I only work for the nursing home." It seems the nurse was bribed, relaxed some rules, and decides a spanking is better than being reported. OTK, skirt up, white panties, a little struggle. "I've never been spanked before." Pants down, a crack on her thigh settles her down each time she flares up. Lots of ad lib banter. "This is just warming you up for what is to come."

The two bare-bottomed girls are mantelpieced while Grimshaw carefully examines his work. The girls: "You enjoy this." But more: thin elegant Sarah over the couch for the familiar paddles. Grimshaw uses slicing strokes, and Sarah does not like it. The nurse: "I'm not taking that." Sarah to the fireplace for "bottom on display."

The nurse is paddled next, with half-naked Sarah in the background. She squawks but she takes it. "I shall introduce you to something more effective." woosh woosh

Sarah is caned first, over the couch. The bantering disappears to permit repeats. 25 strokes, various angles. Then the nurse--there is some fumbling, but she volunteers "Take my panties down?" because Grimshaw forgot (How could he miss this responsibility?). "Take them down." same 25 strokes with repeats.

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