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Co-Conspiritors Get Caned 2

Guest Review by Alvin posted 12/14/07

If, like me, the only thing that makes a visit to the dentist bearable, is the sight of the pretty receptionist in her short tunic doing a variety of jobs for the dentist. Mixing up the amalgam, holding in the suction tube, etc. And as they sit just behind you, passing the amalgam to the dentist, they cross their legs so their tunic rises tantalising ly higher but all you can see is a shapely ankle.

Well you'll love this film. It doesn't feature a dental receptionist but a nursing assistant from a care home. The film starts with her walking up to the front door of a house. A very pretty girl wearing a short, white tunic, black belt and white high heels. A man opens the door and she explains that she's come from the local care home to explain all the benefits. He invites her in and they both sit down. He is very well cast as a "grandfather" type. Getting annoyed, he realises his daughter is behind this and so he marches up to her room and rouses her from her sleep. He tells her to come downstairs as she has some explaining to do. The blonde girl, who is wearing silk pyjamas comes downstairs. It's obvious that the 2 girls know each other. And before long the man realises they've hatched a plot to get him into the care home and the two girls will benefit financially.

Once they've been "rumbled" the nursing assistant gets up to go. Telling her to "sit down" and "I'll deal with you after her". To the surprise of both girls, he suddenly pulls the girl in the pyjamas across his lap and starts spanking her. "You can't do this" she protests. But he pins her arm behind her back and despite her protests, her pyjama bottoms are soon down by her ankles and she's being spanked over her white panties. Looking over to the nurse, he says "Don't worry, you're next". "Oh no I'm not", she replies.

"We'll see what the nursing agency has to say about this, shall we"?

Well fortunately for us, the snooty nursing assistant doesn't want this to happen. And before long, she's reluctantly being taken across his knee.

She receives a good number of spanks over her very short tunic. And we're given a tantalising glimpse of white panties and the hope that these will be taken down. After much wriggling and protesting of "Stop it. I've never been spanked before", the extremely short tunic is pulled up and the spanking continues over her brief white panties. But when he says, "I think we'll have these down as well". "No", she shouts and she frantically tries to hold on to her panties and stop the final humiliation, while he tries to pull them down. A few swift smacks to the backs of her thighs and she reluctantly relents. We're now treated to the sight of this extremely attractive lady getting her well-formed bottom well and truly punished.

But that's not the end of it. Both girls, to cries, howls and protests, get paddled and caned.

I think what is good about this film is the realism. The blonde is wearing sophisticated, silk pyjamas. The sort she might wear in bed with her boy-friend. The nurse in her sexy, short tunic has to sit and watch the other girl being spanked in the knowledge she will get her just desserts. The expression on her face when she's told that she will suffer the humilation of a bare bottom spanking, is one of utter contempt as if to say, "in your dreams, buster"

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