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The film is centred on the interrogation and punishment of 3 girls in the Channel Islands immediately after the war, when they are found to have been collaborators. 2 of the girls are well-known to the spanking world, Briggy and Georgie. The third is a new woman on the scene, an older plumper woman who receives a caning and also spanks one of the other girls. She'd make a good prison guard!

The opening sequence has this new girl being caned to get her to talk, to tell who the "Collaborators" are. Her interrogators include a Scotsman with a particularly good way with words, and "Stefan", an evil looking guy who never speaks. The head interrogator is another shadowy character who's face we never see.

The scene switches to the "cell" where Georgie is being held. The older woman puts her across her knee and gives her a sustained bare-bottom spanking. The guards come for Georgie, a young brunette about 23, and she is tied to a punishment stool and beaten with a strap and a cane until, in tears, she spills the beans, saying the name of the real culprit. Georgie takes some very heavy punishment indeed in this sequence. Bringing the culprit into the room, the silent Stefan and the Scotsman decide to have some fun with her first, and spank her hard, throwing her on the ground when they've finished. Her problems have hardly begun though.

After a further dressing down by the head interrogator, she is told she will be publicly flogged and that as a final humiliation her mane of long blonde hair will be sheared off. Whilst we don't see the crowd, we can hear the enthusiastic egging on as her punishment begins. She is strapped hard with a belt, by three men, then caned very hard, receiving around 30 hard strokes of the cane.

Finally the silent Stefan is consigned to giving her six blistering strokes with a crude birch, which brings her already heaving marked bottom out in bright red, with flecks of blood showing. He shows her no mercy. Stefan drags her from the room and after an off-screen howl, he returns with her hair in his hand ...

This is another very realistic production from "Nemesis", the hard action side of Cheeky Productions.

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