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Colleague's Caning

50 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 10/30/09

CalStar distributed several producers of videos--this variety always scores big with us. The actors, sets, and plots consistently entertain, and the spankings are firm and believable. It is often said that girls at an office can be vicious. Attach this video as Exhibit 'A' to make the argument. The film is filled with diverting dialogue among the 3 actresses, erotic and spontaneous.

Two statuesque girls--the blonde is Miss Chambers, a productive Domme with a number of credits and both a good forehand and backhand, and a brunette, decide to give fellow employee Gina "a good sorting out" because she has successfully traded sex to advance in their office. If Gina wants their friendship, they are gong to "initiate" her, in British scholastic style. "You're a trainee. We'll show you the ropes." She is a bit apprehensive as to what this means.

The girls take Gina to a "conference room," a brick-lined rathskeller-like room which has been used in a number of videos in this era. The reverberations interfere with dialogue a bit, but greatly enhance the sounds of sexy high heels and spanking. Gina is made to understand that the initiation will provide her some "advantage,'ll be fine, trust us." She is a sweetly reticent short-haired dark blonde, appropriately dressed for the office, and acting shyly innocent of what her two colleagues have in mind. "Why am I so nervous about this initiation?"

She gradually understands a little bit of spanking is intended. It seems a small price. She is coaxed to bend over an oak table, where the brunette colleague starts the handspanking, skirt up, black panties, garter belt, and stockings on display. "This is the initiation, then?"

Miss Chambers takes over and places her OTK because it is more efficient, and suddenly the intensity triples (as Miss Chambers can do), and Gina starts to whine. Chambers has that look in her eye; the brunette is sent to the "store cupboard" for implements. Gina goes back over the table, the brunette carefully tugs her panties to her knees and starts in with the soft oval paddle, loud and lovely in this room. "Why else would we give up our lunch break, make you part of the team, but to make you feel welcome?" Gina complains. The brunette: "This is just the beginning."

Miss Chambers steps out and returns with a stiff leather ruler-like spanker, a fearsome thing in her hands. Gina jumps at the first stroke. Chambers whales aggressively. "Oh please, it hurts so much." It is sufficiently severe, and Gina's bottom must be preserved for the full video, that CalStar cuts in repeats from different angles at this point.

The brunette steps in with a two-fingered tawse; she is not nearly as effective as Chambers. The girls hold Gina in place and teasingly reassure, comfort, and torment her as she is spanked. "It's so easy...almost done...etc" Liars. Chambers takes over the tawse and gives a lesson on how to make it sizzle. Repeats here too, because Gina is getting a workout. 34 strokes are filmed, repeats from different angles.

Miss Chambers generates heat of her own--very tall, her skirt is so short, bare thighs above the tops of her stockings show, rather inappropriate for the office, except on a day like this. The girls whisper among themselves that it is time for "the cane." Gina, splayed over the table, can't see what's coming next.

The brunette, after the sweet tap-tap measurement, lays on almost 20 strokes (repeats). Gina twtiches when she runs the cane tip between her buttocks. Miss Chambers: "Would you mind if I just took over for a little while?" Miss Chambers handles the cane like a Grand Prix driver. 30 strokes are shown, maybe twice as hard as the brunette's. Gina is a bit stunned.

That will be all. Gina dresses and runs out, after pointing out it was the brunette who told her how to influence their boss. The girls argue, and it seems Miss Chambers had slept with the boss to gain her advantage. Well now, here is the brunette's chance--Miss Chambers has lost her leverage and will get the same as Gina.

Over the table, the tiny micro-skirt almost turns itself up; bare bottom with the tiniest white thong. Fast paddling with the oval; Chambers gasps but takes her medicine. The brunette: "Take off your top. You've always flaunted your tits." Frilly silk blouse unbuttoned, a hopeful pause before she unsnaps her leopard bra. Dramatic sight, a naked Miss Chambers! We need to search to see more of the admirable Miss Chambers as a submissive.

The shocking stiff leather spanker is next--the brunette is much more aggressive now. Then the tawse; when Chambers sees it: "Oh, God." Brunette: "You're getting as red as she was." And of course the cane--about 15 strokes, including repeats. Chambers is very exciting, bent over the table, boobs on parade. At the conclusion, the girls caress, Chambers admits her duplicity.

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