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College Classics 10

53 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR posted 4/15/11

We love the whole series. This one, despite its formulaic plot, remains a rewatchable favorite because of three tall well-endowed girls and the prattling garrulous leering actor Michael Dawes' insatiable interest in the naked female form. The three callipygian marvels are as tall as Dawes, and they will retain their heels, even when they wear nothing else. The three schoolgirls are stumbling around in a carpentry workshop. Instructor Dawes has amazing authority over his students, as we shall see.

The girls wear blue blouses, neckties, short pleated skirts, high socks and platform heels which enhance their showgirl stature. Dawes is disgusted with their dalliance and their slovenly appearance. "Look at the shoes you are weaing. You'd think 18 year olds would have more sense."

The Senior Head (a blonde) in charge, elects to spank the other two girls after a cute bumbling scene where the long-legged birds tinker with carpentry tools. You can see this school certainly doesn't emphasize the industrial arts. Dawes materializes: "Senior Prefect, what are you doing?" Dawes will show her how spanking is done. He gets a chair, the girls giggle, and blond Clark is first OTK, skirt up; a tramp stamp tattoo showing above her knickers distresses Dawes. Solid smacks--she reaches back when he attacks her thighs. Dawes inches her knickers down slowly with one hand, and the other hand holding her flailing arm.

An unusual camera shot for CalStar, from a ladder, zooms in on Clark's bottom and then her shaven self when she stands for Dawes displays her. Brunette actress Nikki Platts, as 'Horton,' is next. "You, young lady, are very scruffy." She's got somebody else's knickers on--they are too small. Pants down, zoom in. Handspanking.

Clark is recalled, over the workbench, skirt removed, the Head hands Dawes a tawse. she thinks she is helping. Horton is called out too--"Remove your skirt as well." Pants, down, he alternates with a tawse. A sudden inserted closeup shoots and holds between Horton's legs. Dawes has always used the strap or rod with classic forehand and backhand swipes, full swings. He kneels down to to inspect, compare, and admire the two bottoms.

The Head Girl has been a snickering spectator but is now drawn in, to Clark's amusement. No female bottom ever escapes Dawes. Over the bench for her, blue knickers down ("At least you've got the right knickers on.") "Oh, sir." "A few more of these, then it's time for the cane." Backhands and forehands, the last three he jumps at her full bore.

The three girls, all the same height and dramatic build, line up, panties back in place, skirts gone, blouses up, so their knickers are on display. A "fine sight," confirms Dawes, a typical moment he replicates when he parades the girls he is disciplining. "Oh please, sir. Don't cane us."

The Head will be caned first and is asked to step into the middle of the room spotlight-style and takes her clothes off. Blouse and tie off, panties at her knees, frontal, she retains her bra, white knee socks, very sexy stuff. She grabs her ankles for 10 hard strokes. She jumps up and has to settle back after some of the strokes. She finally must lean on a chair to keep her bottom stationary. Zoom in on her stripes as Dawes fingers them.

Frizzy big-haired Horton next. Blouse and tie off, then the bra. "You're very well endowed, aren't you...pull your knickers down...hands at your sides...a few more sessions in the gym for you." She stands naked and helpless while he fondles and admires her like an antique vase at an auction. She gets six hard wristy strokes, her boobs hanging nicely. She yelps and strives to cover her bottom in closeup with long sexy manicured fingers, another sure sign this is no trade school.

The camera catches a close facial. She is crying, something Dawes has always lustily sought in his films and which increases his ardor and stroke production. But here Horton might be escaping the full caning. One hard cane stroke on each palm, then "bend back over," for six more.

Clark is last to be caned and starts to undress prematurely without direction, but she stops and inquires. She is soon just as naked and just as comely. Two strokes produce lovely little grunts, screams, and realistic gutteral gasps. She stands to remove her bra, facing us to provide the obligatory frontal, then over for 6 more. She jumps most sweetly when Dawes fakes with wooshes. ""Bend over...did your fart?" "No, sir."

The Head and Horton, standing in the rear of the shot, were directed to drop their pants, then all three line up for the final check. Excellent matching horizontal stripes. We didn't seen any repeats. Very simple and repetitive story line but great spankings.

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