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College Classics 11

year: 2000
52 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR posted 4/22/11

The last in this series; each seems better than the previous one. This is another straightforward schoolgirl episode, with perfect casting and an experienced afficionado of CP doing the directing.

A middle-aged ageplay male actor, one of the reserves in the CalStar stable who is lucky to have his name in the cast call file, plays a stepfather, 'Worthington,' at home on a school morning with stepdaughters Liz and Jessica. The girls are slow to arise; we're given a brief nudie show as they bathe and dress. Liz pulls her PJ top off and Jessica sleeps naked. Both girls are young and demurely portrayed as plausible schoolgirls.

Stepfather has received a letter from the school. Even though he has been dropping them off in the morning. they have not attended. They are suspended. So, "You won't be going to school today...I'm going to deal with the both of know what that means."

Liz, a very pale and svelte blonde of Nordic appearance, seems to know and fetches paddles and the household cane. Worthington takes her OTK and goes to work on her regulation blue knickers. As he will do throughout the film, he spanks slowly with moderate intensity. Down come the knicks. "I'm your stepfather. I've got the authority to discipline you." Liz offers beautiful full buttocks, arched high on his lap.

"Time for something stronger." Liz stands and removes the rest of her clothes--nobody is shy in this house. Collar-and-cuffs match for this Scandinavian Miss. She doesn't like the paddle. Bent over the couch, "Don't look around!" During the floppy, stingy leather paddle, "Get your legs open more...keep them straight." This probably does provide more buttock for Worthington, but that is not why he is doing it. "I hate you so much," growls Liz. "Be quiet."

"It's now time for the cane." Totally naked, hands-on-couch, 25 strokes are shown, repeats from various angles, given away by the clock on the wall not advancing and the traffic noises on the soundtrack. But we're happy just contemplating her bottom with its stripes.

Brunette pigtailed Jessica is next, having been cornered, peeking, and listening to the commotion. She grins slightly at the command to go OTK. When Worthington works her knickers down, she raises her hips quite obligingly--some suggestion she has some CP credits on her resume.

"I want you to take your clothes off." No hesitation from Jessica. Back to the couch for the two paddles. She then gets the same caning, her more buxom body providing entertainment as she bends naked. Nude Liz observes, facing us, Jessica's bottom has marked up more colorfully--there are bruises, marks, and stripes, of the varieties common to the hand, paddle, and cane.

The girls are sent to their rooms, where they cream each others' bottoms. A boyfriend waits outside. They can crawl out the window. Worthington calls the school and reports he has thrashed the girls, to Mrs. McCluskey, who we know from other films likes a student bottom now and then herself.

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