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College Classics 2

54 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR posted 2/25/11

Two spanking stories, as are most of the "College Classics " series. We've always enjoyed them, so we expound. Good CP and a storyline. In the first segment, actor Martin Sykes (he the mad tinkering inventor in "The Caning Machine" and other early films) plays a headmaster who accepts a visit by former student Elizabeth Jenkins, who seeks to prevent her sister Sarah from being expelled for drug use.

"There must be some way around this, sir." "I have no alternative. Drugs are drugs." Elizabeth reminds him of when she was spanked in this very room for smoking, and the "little use of this desk arrangement here." Alas, times have changed. The Head recalls that the "artifacts of yesteryear...did the trick." They agree Elizabeth will take a spanking, mind you strictly on the QT, in order to pardon Sarah. Wonderful full-face closeups of the tawny haried beautiful Elizabeth as she intellectually accepts the spanking.

The Head steps out. Elizabeth puts on her old school uniform. When he returns and he sees her, if he is working on an erection, it is bigger now. She bends over the table/desk, "right down," they always like to say. Skirt thrown up, loose white panties, he bunches the knickers and starts a firm, no-nonsense handspanking. She yelps immediately.Sykes does spank harder with the bare hand than we usually see.

Elizabeth struggles. "Down...stay down! This is just the first phase." He puffs his pipe while she is given respite to rub. She is guided to bend over a straight chair, he flicks up her skirt and carefully lowers her knickers again. He attacks again with a large embossed leather paddle. "Stop whimpering." She grabs her panties and tries to get up. "I've had enough."

The Head wrestles her back into position--these tussles add significantly to the erotic tension. "Legs together...bottom up!"

She is cornered with skirt and pants back in place while he puts on his mortarboard for the official and formal final ritual. He wooshes his cane and Elizabeth cringes. She touches toes, again he does the honors and bares her bottom. She counts out and thanks him for 12 hard, whippy, full-armed strokes. She jumps up several times and settles back.

The second story is even more entertaining. A frizzy well-built blonde, who pops up from time to time in the Calstar catalogue, plays Jane, a schoolgirl gamboling on the school playing fields and then reporting to the infirmary with an injured leg. The sexy school nurse, with more than a professional gleam in her eye for this blond morsel: "I think you're trying to pull a fast one on me....I'm going to give you a thorough examination. Take your clothes off."

Jane strips off her two-piece gymslip to expose comical non-regulation zebra-striped panties and halter. Not naked yet, she lies flat on the bed, for a pulse check and a temperature reading--under her tongue we regret to report. All seems normal. "Take off that rubbish...we'll get you some proper school underwear." Jane lies flat on the bed again, on her back stark naked, we contemplate her charms leisurely while the randy nurse scolds her. This actress held her cool while the camera drooled all over her.

"This is my punishment rooom also...punishment on your bottom...over my knee for a jolly good spanking." Not only is this nurse/matron correctly and convncingly dressed, rather than the vaudevillian nurse outifts, she specializes in the cue language of CP, which she continues to utter throughout.

Jane, naked, oh so naked, stands and bends over the nurse's lap as she is seated on the edge of the bed. The nurse spanks very hard, a good sign for later, and Jane slips off.

The nurse then puts her on the bed, face down, pillows under her bottom, one of the great postures in CP for us, for more handspanking. Her legs kick--aah, dirty bare feet. Jane snitches on the other girls who smoke. They're each going to "get a taste of the strap across their's called the tawse." After a last six with the tawse, another meaner strap, "which makes beautiful marks across your buttocks."

Jane rolls and wriggles, a hot pile of sexy pink femininity surging on the bed. The matron paddles Jane's thighs, so exposed in this position.

Then another titilliating pose-Jane kneels on the bed and hangs onto the headboard bars, bent forward, boobs hanging. "Stick your bottom out." The nurse uses a thicker cane than we usually see. Five very hard strokes make Jane jump on each one and sob so that she can't speak. It would appear this caning was shorter than they intended. Jane leaves, naked. The nurse fondles her cane with a satisfied gleam, once again to a Chopin soundtrack.

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