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College Classic Special

60 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/30/10

We've often praised the "College Classics" series, schoolgirl extravaganzas featuring many of the great British CP performers from the 1980's. The films often contain two unrelated segments, spankings in the CalStar format, consistently entertaining, lots of gymslips; navy blue knickers; pleated skirts; paddles, straps, and always a cane; often ageplay; and frequently themes of naughty fantasies. This one is found in Sophie Fennington's SfP series as a preview, putting it in the era of "Canings and Cold Showers." Ms. Fennington's presence on the set might explain the exquisite eroticism found here.

"Teachers Torment" is the first segment, starring the incomparable Alison Payne at her most revealing, as "Penny," and an older guy, a CP regular with his unapolegetic knack for ageplay, as a lecherous uncle schoolmaster. Penny is staying with him, has found his cache of spanking films, is fascinated and wants to watch them, flashing her long legs and panties to gain his agreement.

Uncle decides, if she is that eager, to spank her himself. With the slightest erotic resistence, she is taken OTK. She demurs, "Oh, please sir, not on my bare bottom." Uncle peels her knickers down with the drama it deserves.

Alison is a CP actress with extensive credits, strong acting skills, a high pain threshold, and a body custom-made for the work. She is very tall and thin, here with long flowing chestnut brown hair. She usually gets more dialogue than most CP actresses; in her heavy Irish brogue she can utter funny ad-libs even during the most severe spankings. Her wide feminine hips produce a bottom which is breath-catching each time it appears. Sometimes spanking actors stop for a moment to admire what they have uncovered.

This OTK spanking proceeds apace, bottom full-screen, reddening and twitching. Alison stands and removes her skirt, proudly holding still for us to display a wild and full pubic patch, panties at the knees. She next bends over a mantelpiece, another formulaic Bristish posture found throughout the Classics, a little more spanking, and then she is sent to bed, bare-bottom, hobbled by her knickers, up the stairs, which are unfortunately angled at a landing, so the camera cannot follow along behind as so often done so well by the Brits.

In her bedroon, Penny strips, in a slow nude scene, providing 360 degree views, with an emphasis on her tush. She puts on a shorty silk jacket, no panties, and climbs into bed, as exotic as it gets.Makes you imagine tapping on her door and paying a visit in the night. But this minx doesn't stay in bed--she wants more action. She gets up and creams her red bottom in a slow, heated scene, then pulls on a tight teddy body stocking, all the while preening and displaying her naked body, without seeming to be a professional on a runway.

Penny puts on another outfit, a pair of diaphanous body-tight net pants and a bra, and goes downstairs to taunt uncle. Opportunist that he is, he sends Penny back upstairs to get the body lotion. "I'm going to ask you to cream your bottom in front of me." She returns, pulls down the pants slowly, and creams herself on the floor, in closeup. Almost overwhelming.

Uncle grabs her (who wouldn't), she takes off her bra, and now naked, goes and fetches the cane. "You want to know what goes on in those videos? Say 'Cane me hard,' say it." She goes over the couch and the caning starts. Six strokes fast, the second stroke is wild low on the thighs. Marks are instant, lest there be any suggestion of fakery. Her hot bottom surges and twitches, she gasps and grunts, no goofy melodramatic stuff. Six more, she counts them out.

A pause for uncle to check his work, useless panties are discarded from her ankles. Mantelpieced naked, six more counted out, she jumps and twists. A final two sizzlers, for a total of about 20. As entertaining a caning as you will see, and it should revise your perception of mantelpieces.

The second segment is entitled "In Loco Parentis," not a title which would have sold well in adult stores unless you have some education and are steeped in the subleties of British CP. Another older male actor is on the phone with a mother who is sending her daughter to him to be spanked for discipline. A mercenary spanker--wonderful concept.

He watches the street in eager anticipation. A sweet, demure, believable young schoolgirl, Sandra, arrives, a look of forboding on her face. She seats herself primly and gets lectured. he explains his role--you imagine her bottom tingling as she listens. "I'm going to give you severe punishment."

Sandra is resigned; she takes off her sweater and skirt, showing blue knckers, garter belt, and stockings. OTK, her master pulls down her panties immediately. "Now spread your legs as wide as your knickers will allow you." Great closeups of a perfect bottom during a handspanking.

Hands on a chair, bent over, she is going to get a "little taste of the birch before your caning. Feet well apart." She takes about 25 swipes of the birch. She gasps, winces, and twists in misery. "Painful, my little friend, is it?" We don't see the birch often--it is fiery and insistent, possibly too severe for most films.

Next phase. The master is a former teacher and will now use "another instrument from my Scottish appointment," a doubled leather belt. Abouy 25 moderate strokes. Sandra doesn't like his "Scottish friend."

She must undress. "Do I have to take off my blouse to be caned, sir?" Ah, a question oft-asked in CP literature. Naked, she is sent downstairs to the master's wife (who must have been listening to the spanking so far), in just bra, garter belt, and stockings, "to be fitted for a punishment gown."

The master gets on his own cap and gown and paces with his cane--which is "circa 1987, I think." Sandra returns in an ankle length hospital gown, a supremely erotic and subordinating piece of theater. "Ritual and atmosphere...solemn..." is what the master says he wants. The gown opens in the back, of course, wonderful. "Feet well apart...touch your toes...hands on your calves." About 20 cane strokes. Closeups of angry stripes full screen. "Your mother wants to see your bottom well decorated."

She is finished. "Take off your punishment gown." She stands for us to study her naked, her large breasts still covered by her bra. This is an interesting way for a retired schoolmaster to earn some money.

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