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Community Charge Caning

33 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/14/08

Another revered plot line, where local bureaucrats--customs officers, weights-and-measures, tax collectors, police officials, maneuver to leverage young ladies into compromising situations. Mr. Beagle calls on Sharon Perkins to collect 600 pds of unpaid poll tax. Of course she doesn't have the money. "Have you given any thought to my alternative proposal? It is a way to wipe the slate clean."

Sharon is conservatively decked out in a blue dress, short blondish hair, and the conventionally well-groomed demeanor of a girl you'd expect to see come off the train at night after a day at the law firm. A solid spanking would be a very humiliating event in her life. As such, she presents one of the more exciting spanking potentials we can recall. Despite her demure attire, there are indications she has plenty to show us. She wants to know more about this "spanking thing." "All you have to do is let me smack your bottom." Beagle hastens to add it must be "on the bare flesh."

Sharon is crestfallen. "I haven't got much choice, have I?" Beagle takes his strap out of his briefcase, the sight of which almost makes Sharon back out, but Beagle bluffs to leave, so she capitulates. "Stand up and undress." She unzips and steps out of her dress to show a perfect set of black lingerie underthings--bra, panties, garter belt, stockings. There is an exciting young lady to be seen here. "Turn around...oh yes, very pretty." He refers to our particular interest.

Sharon tries offering her body--some sex instead of this spanking thing, but Beagle isn't buying. OTK she goes, and to begin the humiliation, he makes her repeat: "For what I am about to receive, may the Lord make me truly thankful." She wrestles and struggles mightily as she is spanked on her couch, one of the best performances we've seen of a girl reluctant, embarrassed, and incredulous at having had to turn her bottom up for a stranger. Beagle sees as we do that her bra is working overtime to do its job under this duress.

Beagle fondles his strap. "I call him Trevor. You can call him whatever you like." Sharon must lean over her easy chair, panties pulled down. "Let's do some good, Trevor." The cracks of the strap don't phase Sharon as much--she has become subordinate and her bottom is now very red. Beagle "confiscates" her panties. "Spread 'em, as they say in America." She doesn't like his hands in the wrong places.

Next he shows Sharon the cane, flexible enough to have been bent into his briefcase. "Let's lose the bra, shall we?" She is mantelpieced, just in garter belt. "One stroke for each inspector in our department. You don't know how many that is." Sharon is in no position to argue. She takes about 14 hard strokes; her bottom is red, blotched, and swollen. Realistic crying, cringing, and evasion. "I hate you." There is one shot up between her legs. "It's all over now. You've paid your debt to the community." (Of course we know another bill is coming in October.)

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