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Conduct Unbecoming

24 minutes
year: 1987
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/18/08

An attractive blonde student, Tina, calls her boyfriend Stuart to come by as soon as her father has left the house. They are soon humping away in bed (CalStar always does a poor job at simulating sex), when suddenly the father calls that he is returning early. Stuart hustles off and is spotted driving away. Suspicious father arrives, inspects the messy house (and bed) and is angry. He dislikes this "super wimpo" boyfriend. "In the lounge in 10 minutes, lady!" Looks like Tina's pants are coming off yet again.

She gets the choice of being thrown out of the house or a spanking. The spanking begins PDQ OTK. "Take off your trousers." Nice satin panties. The appropriate begging protest when they are tugged down. She is put over a hassock, a nice sight. If we were her agent, this shot would be in her photo portfolio. "You bastard; oh, no, not the belt, Daddy." Only a few strokes, but she is just too squirmy. "It's the slipper for you." She is made to take off her top and bend over for 30 with a "slipper." There are repeats here, but we suggest you concentrate on this pretty specimen and not the numbers.

She must reflect nude, hands-on-head, while the cane is found. "Now the finale of your punishment." There are only 6 strokes, but they sizzle, and Tina jumps, grasps, and gasps in between. Camera work is excellent and we had a good time, thank you. Tina's equipment saved this otherwise unimaginative oeuvre.

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