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Consequences for Catherine

Time: 68 Minutes
Guest Review by Joe Hellguy posted 3/11/11

The Catherine in question is the estimable Catherine Corbett, in one of her rare, but always welcome, returns to the spanking scene.

Have you ever had one of those days? Catherine's day begins with her in the kitchen, dressed in a plain white man's shirt, surveying the mess left from her party the previous night. She looks dubiously at a stale sandwich and picks up a newspaper, showing no desire to tidy up. Enter her landlord, in a rather bad mood. He moans at the state of the kitchen. Even worse, he says, is the cigarette burn she has made in the carpet. Cigarette burn? Where, she demands. He takes her through to the lounge and shows her. Catherine is adamant that it was there before she arrived. He is equally adamant it was not. Besides, he adds, she is always "borrowing" his cigarettes, never pays her share of the rent and has made no attempt to tidy the kitchen after the previous night. Catherine says she has only just got up and he says she should tidy it up right now. Heading for the door, she says, "You might as well just spank my bottom," and gives herself a little slap. "One of these days!" he threatens. "Tosser," she mutters, sotto voce. Alas, not quite sotto enough. This is the last straw for him and he leaps forward, grabs her back and says, "I think I will spank your bottom." "What?" Catherine cries, but over his knee she goes.

Up comes the shirt and, following a couple of slaps to the seat, down come her white knickers. Catherine's day begins with a ten minute long, bare-bottom spanking. "Stop!" she finally demands. "You'll make me late for work. I've already been late twice this week. If you want me to pay rent, I'm going to have to go and earn some money." He concedes that she has a point, although he was not responsible for her previous lateness. Imparting a final six hard spanks, he then lets her up. "Oh, and when you get back," he says, "make sure you tidy up that kitchen.

The scene shifts to the Reception area at Catherine's workplace. Her boss is reading The Times as Catherine rushes in. She is dressed now in a yellow skirt and black top. On her feet, rather bizarrely, she is wearing flip-flops.

"Ah, Catherine," he observes, "nice of you to join me." "So sorry I'm late," she apologises, "I've had a nightmare of a morning." "It's the fourth time this week," he tells her. "Would you like to sit down and tell me about it. You knew it was Sally's day off today and there are just the two of us in the office."

Catherine sits down very gingerly, wincing noticeably. "So what's been going on?" her boss asks her. Catherine tells him that her landlord spanked her bottom because she was late with the rent money. "Elephants might fly," he observes, disbelievingly. "It's true!" she protests. "He spanked my bottom. It's killing me!"

Why, her boss wants to know, did she not report this to the police. Catherine says that she couldn't possibly do that. "Show me the evidence," he boss orders her. Catherine is shocked but eventually turns her back to him, lifts the skirt and pulls her silky pink panties into the crack of her bottom, displaying her reddened bottom. "It's certainly very red," he agrees, but demands again an explanation as to why she did not go to the police. Catherine explains that she is too embarrassed. He invites her to sit down again and asks her if she was also spanked on the other three occasions she has been late this week. Catherine says no and tries to explain, rather feebly, that she has had a lot on her mind recently. A pay rise would help her catch up with her rent and would be very helpful. "You really think, with your attendance record, you deserve a pay rise?" he asks, incredulously.
"I never said I deserve it, but I really need it. It would really help."
"I think that what you deserve, young lady, being late four times, really letting me down this morning when you knew it was going to be just the two of us, is another spanking."

"Will it wipe the slate clean, then?" Catherine asks hopefully. "Over my knee, then we'll discuss," he tells her. Over his knee she goes, observing, "I'm getting used to this." And so could we, I am sure.

Her boss looks at Catherine's bottom and says that her landlord did a good job, adding ominously, "but not as good a job as I am going to do." He slaps the seat of her pretty pink panties a few times, then asks, "Did he spank you with knickers up or knickers down?" "That's none of your business, is it?" Catherine retorts. "We know what that means," he observes shrewdly, lowering the garment accordingly. Let the spanking commence in earnest!

Does he do a better job than her landlord? Judging by the way she curls herself around his knee, he probably does. Judicious slaps to the backs of her thighs when she struggles too much or tries to cover her bottom appear to confirm it. When he picks up a kicked-off flip-flop to continue the punishment, the issue is no longer in doubt. This is, without doubt, a finer job! The evidence of Catherine's kicking and squirming is plain to see. "Whatever position you get yourself in," he tells her, "I'll still spank you!"

"What about my pay rise, then?" Catherine demands petulantly. Between hard spanks with the flip-flop, her boss responds, "We'll see how your attendance goes over the next week. If you carry on being late, next time it may not be just a spanking."

He allows her to stand up and she pulls her knickers back up. Whilst she stands before him, constantly rubbing her sore bottom, he lays down the rules.

"Is that understood?"

"Yes." "You'll be on time next week and then we'll discuss it?"
If you're late again next week, then it probably won't be just a spanking. I'll leave you to think about what that may mean."

He lets her stand before him for a while, still rubbing her bottom, while it sinks in then tells her he has 20 emails that need to be sent in the next hour. She is dismissed to go to her computer and carry out the task. The next scene finds Catherine back in the kitchen. She goes to a cupboard and extracts a pack of cigarettes. Half-heartedly, she wipes at a work surface and, with a groan, turns her back on the mess and goes off to the lounge. There she finds the landlord and shows him the pack of cigarettes.

"Is it all right if I borrow these?"
"I'll give them back."
"No. No, I'm not lending you any more cigarettes. You may have the packet."
"Oh, cheers."
"But there is a currency, a price tag. One stroke of the cane for each cigarette."
She turns and spots the cane. "Of that?"
"Yes. One stroke of the cane for each cigarette."
"What do you mean...a stroke? I don't understand."
"Well, you bend over, you see, and...."
"What? On my backside? Again?"
Reluctantly, Catherine agrees to the price. She has no money and she wants the whole pack. He gestures to Catherine to bend over which she does, placing her hands on a low leather chair. "And, you never know," he suggests helpfully, "this may help you give up smoking."

He raises her skirt and lowers her panties. The swishy cane soon has her adopting her signature ballet pose. Halfway through, Catherine is kneeling on the seat, clutching her poor sore buttocks. "How many is that?" she asks. "Is it ten?"
"I don't suppose you have any packets of ten, do you?"
"No, not really."
It is a long, slow caning. Between strokes, Catherine needs time to recover, to rub her bottom or kneel forward on the seat, out of range. Each time, the landlord waits patiently for her to come back to position, confident that her need for the cigarettes will overcome the pain. At the conclusion, he tells her to tidy up the kitchen, at the risk of earning more. "Now," he tells her, "I suggest you pull your knickers up and go about your business." Catherine retires to the kitchen for some tearful tidying and bottom inspection.

For the final scene, Catherine arrives back in the Reception area. Her boss is tapping his palm with a cane. "Sorry I'm late," she apologises . "Twelve minutes late," he states, looking at his watch. She points to the mark on her wrist where her watch used to be. "I lost my watch, look..."
"Twelve strokes of the cane No arguments," he tells her, holding her chin up with the point of the cane. "Understood?"
He tells her to bend over. "Now?" she asks.
"Yes, now."
She bends over and he lifts her skirt. She is wearing the same outfit as the day before, except her panties are white. Not that she is wearing those for long, for down they inexorably come. He asks her if she is ready.
"No, but I don't suppose that really matters, does it?"
"No, it doesn't." And, yes, no, it does not.
Following twelve strokes of the cane, Catherine is told to stand up. She faces her boss, who has further bad news for her. "I understand that, in my absence yesterday, you were eight minutes late. So that's a further eight strokes of the cane."

When the extra dose is finally applied, Catherine is allowed to stand and told to pull her knickers up and get back to her work. "Let that be a lesson to you," he says, rather pompously, as he marches off. Over her shoulder, Catherine throws him the finger before settling down to some stripey-bottom inspection.

This DVD has, besides the welcome return of Catherine Corbett, some crisp dialogue and effective action. With a long selection of outtakes included, the total running time is 68 minutes.

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