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Starring: Niki Flynn
Kailee, Brandi, Bailey
Mr. Daniels, Ms. Burns and Ms. Baker
Reviewed by: Eric Blair-Brown

Guest review submitted by LV-Racer 3/20/06

I got a chance to watch this video after picking it up in Las Vegas on DVD at the Shadow Lane Party. While most people won't be as lucky, I could not help immediately thinking "Gee I have met and talked to in person six of the seven stars of the show and have their autographs on my DVD cover too." So take this review with any number of grains of salt you wish because I admit to being a big fan of the cast and actually know them.

This DVD has been several months in coming since it was shot. I understand they had some technical problems. Whatever they were, the time was well spent as I see no evidence here of any problem, and all the scenes previewed for us in photos by the producers months ago are in the final cut. So they fixed whatever it was they were worried about

Internationally renowned Niki Flynn and little newcomer Bailey in her full length video debut have the biggest roles and the most speaking parts of the bad girl students at the wacky and improbable reform school. Fans of resistance scenes and forced stripping (and face spitting) will like Niki Flynn's opening sequence. Then along comes Bailey, totally adorable and perfect in the role, and before you know it they end up in... well a compromising situation. They again get in trouble cheating in class after that. So Niki and Bailey provide all the early entertainment. So naughty, so very very naughty. Stripping, canings, strappings, great reactions and realism. Seems rather inconsiderate to strap the girls right there in the classroom where the other students are still trying to concentrate on their tests though. Well this is a rather unusual school as website subscribers to "Real Spankings Institute" will already know. It doesn't have to make sense. It is all good fun.

But the plot thickens as the teachers and students conspire against the hatred new Principal (Coach Daniels) who has taken over the school from that kind and gentle Mr. Masterson, who they apparently all respected and liked. They didn't seem to like him all that much at the time, but let's conveniently forget about that. Anyway, Mr. Daniels is worse they think. They conspire to charge him falsely with sexual harassment, which is quite a laugh in a "school" that allows stripping and spanking the student inmates by males with no restrictions already. Well that eventually leads to the group paddling that is the grand finale and is totally awesome. No there is no "compassion" in this video. Why should there be? This video's intention is to portray punishment and they pull no punches for the faint of heart. If that is your preference, you will get your money's worth. It isn't intended to be a light romantic mild spankings video. It delivers completely and thoroughly what it intended to portray.

"The Conspiracy" staring Niki Flynn, Bailey, Cindy, Kailee, Brandi, Coach, and Ms Burns. I was giggling at the silliness and tongue in cheek seriousness of the plot right up to the final paddling scene. Then it was jaw wide open time. Pass the popcorn. Enjoy the show. High camp but real spankings. Who could ask for more?

Every person has their own taste. That's true for fans of spanking videos. If you've read my reviews, you know I like the Chelsea Pfeiffer, Shadowlane and Punished Brats style of videos. (I have directed most of the Punished Brats productions) My tastes lean towards a young woman being spanked in a calm, proportionate and sometimes humorous way. Others like it rough. They prefer seeing women suffer at the hands of a strong and severe taskmaster. That is the best way to review the DVD, "Conspiracy". It's just a series of bad girls getting punished by a big man, holding a big instrument that turns some very cute bottoms black and blue.

There's a new sheriff in town at the institute. The school's headmaster, Mr. Daniels is a man who whacks first and asks questions later. It's this take no prisoners approach to running the school that is upsetting some of the students and female faculty members. Niki Flynn guest stars as a new girl who refuses to go through the admission process. In the first scene, Flynn is held down by the staff as Mr. Daniels cuts off her clothes and hand spanks the youth. The spanking is hard and the scene is stark and raw. Niki begins school life by meeting a new friend named Bailey. Later, Mr. Daniels finds the girls fooling around in Bailey's bed. The girls get a painful caning for their transgression. In the next scene, with Ms. Burns out of the room, Bailey and Niki are caught cheating on a mid-term by Mr. Daniels. The headmaster chastises Ms. Burns for leaving the girls alone and orders her to strap them. Both girls bend over their desks and get a strong strapping.

Ms. Burns and Ms. Baker are put on probation for not monitoring their students. The women decide it's time to get rid of Mr. Daniels. They gather a group of girls and ask them to file sexual harassment charges against the headmaster. They women don't know the meeting is being taped by a hidden camera.

The conspirators are given the option of dismissal or ten whacks with the paddle. The women pull up their skirts and band over. One by one, Mr. Daniels pulls down their panties and wallops these poor creatures. Mr. Daniels uses extreme force is turning each bottom into a black and blue mess. Ms. Burns howls after just two whacks. The tough as nails Brandi cries like a baby after just a couple of strokes. Some of the girls don't receive ten whacks because their backsides become too bruised. Only Kailee takes all ten whacks without shedding a tear. The women are left on their knees, facing the wall with some very bruised bottoms.

The DVD is well done. It stars beautiful young women in school girl outfits getting punished for their transgressions. What else could you ask for? For me, I'd like a little compassion? This tape has no room for humor, humane discipline or proportional punishment. Conspiracy is all about an imposing male figure, holding a formidable instrument and whacking these girl's butts with home run type swings. As I said, everybody has their own taste. Some of my friends like seeing young women receiving very severe punishments. Conspiracy is a well done production. It includes very pretty girls, a nasty headmaster and a good storyline. If you are a fan of cute kids getting their backside pummeled black and blue, then buy this DVD. It has everything you're looking for. If you want a tape that resembles the discipline of a caring parent or guardian, then look at some of the other fantastic Real productions. I can't pan this movie, it's too good. I recommend Conspiracy to all of those who love severe punishments.

2nd review submitted by Isambard

This film is set in a correctional institute for girls.

The film opens with the arrival of a new pupil, Niki Flynn, a distinctly foul-mouthed young woman and a stroppy piece of work who is extremely reluctant to wear the uniform. This lead fairly rapidly to a scene in which she is held down by two teachers (Ms Burns and Ms Baker) and a prefect (Kailee), while the principal, Mr Daniels, cuts off her clothes with a pair of scissors, ensuring compliance by spanking her bottom.

We now move on to a scene in a dormitory, where the principal catches Niki in bed with another girl, Bailey, apparently engaged in lesbian nookey. The principal reacts by caning the two girls, both of whom are naked.

The next day sees the girls in class, with Ms Burns giving a test. Surprisingly, she goes out of the room while the pupils are working, and Niki and Bailey promptly take advantage of her absence to cheat. Unfortunately for them, Mr Daniels walks in and catches them in the act. He takes Ms Burns to task for leaving the class unattended, and instructs her to punish Niki and Bailey. This she does by administering a good whacking with the strap as they bend over their desks with bare bums.

The next scene is in Mr Daniels' office. He is furious with the two teachers, Ms Burns and Ms Baker, for their dereliction of duty. He blames Ms Baker for failing in her duty to supervise the dorm when on night duty and Ms Burns for the indiscipline in her class. Ms Burns, in particular, is mightily upset by this, and objects to Daniels' having confronted her in front of pupils for having left the class. This scene does not lead to the outcome we might expect in a spanking film, but ends with Daniels giving both women a written warning.

Now we reach the "conspiracy" of the title. Ms Burns and Ms Baker urge the girls to make complaints of sexual harassment against Mr Daniels in order to get him fired. The four girls present (Niki, Bailey, Kailee and Brandi) happily agree to go along with this. Unbeknown to them, however, Mr Daniels is watching all this on CCTV (rather curiously represented by a cheap webcam!), and we move on to....

The final scene in Mr Daniels' office... All six women are lined up and agree that a paddling is preferable to expulsion (for the pupils) or the sack (for the teachers). Each in turn takes a step back, bends over and receives ten whacks on the bare bum with the paddle. With the exception of the stoic prefect (Kailee), the paddlings are accompanied by much squealing and weeping.

I was pretty impressed with this film. The standard of acting is good, and Daniels is a realistic stern headmaster/principal figure. Niki Flynn seems to improve continually as an actress (even if her transatlantic drawl when proclaiming herself to be "a Briddish subject" in Stalin 2 did lend an element of farce to that rather grim film!), and her physical presence is striking with her good figure not disfigured by the tattoos which seem so prevalent on the spanking scene. The other "star" in my opinion was Ms Burns, an attractive "mature" sub (albeit with one of the dreaded tattoos) who appeals to gentlemen of a certain age, like me. She is magnificent, and I hope we will see much more of her.

Both Ms Flynn and Ms Burns react fairly extravagantly to the whacks being delivered, and this leads to the one minor quibble I have about this film. Understandably, the editors of the film have wished to show facial reactions. In the clips on their web site, Real Spankings use a "boat and Khyber" shooting technique. Let me explain to all who don't speak London rhyming slang! They use one camera pointed at the actress's "boat (race)" - that is her face - and the other at her "Khyber Pass" - let the reader understand! This works fine when they then present the results as two clips from different angles. In a feature film like this, the choice of a single shot might not be to all tastes. I would have liked to see more than four out of ten paddle strokes land on Ms Burns' nether regions, for example. That apart, I rate this as a top class spanking film.

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