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Convent Discipline

Nu West 051
Time:39 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 8/1/08

The early date and low Nu West catalogue number are warnings to primitive production values, which are in fact terrible in our copy. But "Bravo's" to Nu West for trailblazing the spanking of multiple supple bottoms all-in-a-row. We have seen glossy photos of this session, so there is a beautiful record.

Two fully habited nuns(if you like 'em) will menace then strap the bejesus out of six girls, "this week's punishment list," at evening vespers (moved up to 4 PM since the workload is large this week) for various school infractions. The six girls are brought individually in front of Mother Superior, introduced by their nice Catholic names, their offenses cited, and the strap strokes awarded. Six pretty girls, each in white blouse, dark skirt, dark stockings, and high heels, very parochial. Return at 4 PM for punishment. The nuns agree: "We will strengthen their spirit by taking some flesh out of their backsides." Superb tension.

The girls return and are seated on benches to observe, waiting to be called forward for their turn to be strapped. There are some wonderful versions of nervous waiting victims in the Eastern European catalogue, but they appear mostly 20 years after this one. One by one these girls receive their punishment, 5 brunettes and 1 blonde, delightful girls you'd expect to see in any malt shop of the era and not at the studio of a spanking video producer. Each is called forward and directed to bend over the desk. Mother Superior directs the assisting nun, ceremonially, for each: "Raise her skirt." "Pull down her panties." The girls are strapped hard and loud, full swings with heavy leather, between 20 and 35 strokes. They all jump and twist and cry out in the appropriate ways, from the first stroke. The junior nun holds the girls in place. The Mother does the strapping.

The strapped girls are sent to the hall to stand, skirts up, bare bottom, for student passersby to see. At the conclusion we see this lineup, six twitching fannies and mabe a bit too much weeping. An absolutely top-notch concept, this video, just primeval camera angles and film quality.This would achieve our highest rating for a Remake. Let the nuns whale away.

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