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Corporal Caberet

43 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/26/08

An American-based trifle, completely off-script from the usual British schoolgirl scenarios, but along the lines of George Harrison Marks' nightclub/Hotel Derriere episodes, where spankings are done in front of spectators, as voyeuristic auditions. It makes for naughty festive settings and certainly relaxes the requirement for plausibility. Here we are set in the Hollywood Tropicana. "Miss Tiffany," an attractive professional-looking boss-type, inteviews two potential strippers, and schedules them for audition appearances that night. They must wear something "skimpy."

On stage, Miss Tiffany is the m.c. at the show; the audience is a group of seemingly gross guys identified in credits as "The Butchers," eager to see some spanking. Their acting is silly, and we'd like to think we're above such raucous burlesque club boisterousness, but we want those pants down too.

Applicant Stasha is called out first, a trim fluffy blonde, a nifty package with a lithe, youthful, non-professional body, doing a nice job of appearing slightly embarrassed at her circumstances. Tiffany is quickly dissatisfied with her amatueurish strip dance and the Butchers chant for more. Stasha wiggles her bottom and pulls her red panties down beneath her short black slip, but Tiffany is still displeased, comes on-stage, takes her OTK. The handspanking is mild, but the guys roar and throw money. We presume Stasha has now figured out what this evening is all about.

Stasha's bottom blotches red; Tiffany spanks hard but slowly. she kneels on a chair, presenting her bottom to the ravenous audience. Tiffany uses a small hairbrush, which elicits more balled-up paper money. Stasha kicks her legs, cute in black knee-boots. Tiffany has a thin spearmint-shaped wood paddle, with which she delightfully cracks Stasha in several pretty places.

More OTK; her breasts pop out of her top; more hard slaps with the paddle. She is released and made to sit and wait at the side of the stage. One of the Butchers carries in a struggling petite Tina to the stage. She has seen what is about to happen and does a nice portrayal of kicking-and-screaming.

Tina is a tiny curvy dark blonde; she flashes a large unshaved bush under her skimpy panties. Her little dance is equally poor, so she is quickly OTK for the same slow hard handspanking. Tiffany grabs a handful of her hair to keep her still. The boys rain the money. "Harer, harder." Up onto the chair for the paddle; her bare feet are dirty--yet another producer who didn't wash the studio floor prior to filmng. Tiffany unties the gauzy bows of her thong and bra while using the hairbrush. Very nice.

Tina is so small Tiffany can easily maneuver her into the most embarrassing diaper position for the paddle. She is naked now, and her twists and turns to avoid the paddle provide the grand tour for us.

At the conclusion, Stasha and Tina turn on Tiffany and begin spanking her as the scene fades.

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