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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is still active, although it doesn't appear as anything new has been added in roughly 6 months.

Review by John O'Connell posted 6/5/09

Another new site has hit the market recently, this one being put on by a fan of CP. The man known as "Boston" decided that watching CP videos was no longer good enough and wanted to star in his own video clips. Unlike some of the new people starting sites, this fellow did put some time into research and making sure he did all that was necessary to put out what he envisioned. He had been in contact with myself and several production companies that were willing to give him some advice once they realized he was serious about his venture. A always like to applaud those that try and make their visions a reality, especially when they are not motivated soley by the potential income.

As I said, this site is new so the content is vast like the sites that have been online for a long time. The layout is very simple with the videos and photos being right in front of you when you log in. The photo galleries are mainly before and after shots from each clip. The video clips themselves are streaming only with no option to download and save them. This is one of those sticking points depending upon the customer. Some prefer that and don't like having any clips laying around on their computers, others prefer to have clips to view at thier leisure off line at a later time. Again, this is personal preference and thus you have been told how the site works. The video stream itself is pretty fluent with no hickups or slowdowns other than one time. I watched most of the videos on the site, so one stoppage for mayby five seconds isn't bad. The clip quality is pretty good, with a decent picture and sound quality at regular screen size. The clips do have the option of going to full screen size, but there is a noticible degradation of quality in the picture. But, to be fair, I've not seen too many streaming vids that look great at full screen either.

Currently there are around a dozen videos to view featuring two different models. Miko is a 25 year old brunette and Svetlane is a 24 year old blonde, both of which are very cute. The girls are not professional models, so if you are looking for Lupus severity, you won't get it here. But, for girls that really had never been spanked before, they do take a good punishement especially when Boston dishes out the implements. The reactions appear to be genuine and there is no arguing with a red bottom that the model is clearly having soreness in. Each clip varies in length with the average running time being around 5 minutes. A few are shorter and there are also a few that go around 8-9 minutes.

The cost of a 30 day membership is $19.95 USD and is non-recurring. I like that because how many times does a site suck you in for another month because you forget to cancel? Overall I think Mr. Boston is off to a good start. I've always enjoyed amateur work where you see a non-professional model take spankings, especially when you consider that you probably wouldn't have seen these girls get spanked otherwise. Sometimes they are a girlfriend or just a girl looking to make a few bucks, but none the less a fresh face is always a good thing. If you are looking for something new to check out that fits into the amateur category, this isn't a bad choice especially for the price. As long as you don't mind the inability to save the clips to your hard drive and the lack of a large archive. However, with time I'm sure a larger amount of content will become available and perhaps downoadable clips will become an option.

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