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Correctional Facility

52 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR posted 2/18/11

Two young people, a boy and a girl, are dragged by their ears into an industrial building to see Miss Gemini, who after a short lecture: "Follow me to the punishment room." The peculiar room is equipped with a large oak table, a punishment trestle, and various odd implements decorating the walls.

The girl, a small, young Asian, will be spanked first and is bent over the trestle, dress thrown up, to display a small, thin bottom and a tiny thong. You often wonder how an actress is selected for a spanking film. We'd agree the criterion is what shows when her pants come down. No so here.

A mild handspanking begins. "Hope you're watchng, young man, because you are next." And soon he is over the bench. Miss Gemini does not hesitate to tug down his khaki pants to display plaid boxers. His cries during the handspanking are almost feminine. Gemini yanks down his boxers to display a muscular hairless bottom. The girl hides her face in the corner, in mock shame. Throughout the film, the camera teases with glimpses of the boy's genitals, the first time here with glimpses between his legs.

When this spanking ends, the boy removes his shirt and cowers naked in the corner, covering himself, the girl back over the trestle. More spanking and a strapping just don't get it done. Too much talk. The boy returns to the trestle, providing a full frontal look. Paddles and straps--all ineffectual. The cheesy trestle is so flimsy it rocks under duress, a far cry from some of the bizarre Victorian and dungeon-like constructions we have admired. This one should go to the curb first Friday next month.

The Asian girl, now nude and cute enough to provide some entertainment, receives a mostly silly session with several straps and a small wood paddle. The boy, watching, is less shy now, as is the camera, and possibly a very tiny bit aroused. He gets the same meaningless spanking.

Both are then caned, leaning on opposite ends of the trestle, still nude, then leaning against the wall, bottoms sticking out. Talk, talk, talk, and a useless session. The young people dress and leave. We are still looking for our first entertaining American Gemini.

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