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Corrective Therapy

60 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/11/08

A fruitful storyline, one we like in fiction and other videos--girls who agree to private corporal punishment in lieu of the police. This is an oldie from CalStar, guessing late 1980's, in the Tallion/Spanking for Pleasure era, in three parts, filmed it appears at the very same glass-topped round table over which Sophie Fennington proved her mettle in "Lisa Must Be Caned."

I-A winsome black girl, Penny Wise, signs the forms and agrees to be spanked; she's been caught shoplifting for the twelfth time and has been caned on her "bare bottom" here at the clinic before. Not so penny wise. The male disciplinarian, faceless throughout the video, starts her OTK and spanks hard. Skirt comes up and he is surprised she is only wearing a thong. Hard spanking, lots of "Please, sir" 's. The scene fades between positions. She is bent "right over" the aforementioned table for a black single-tongue tawse. She counts out 25 hard loud zingers. Fade to Penny in the diaper position on the glass table, legs ballet-like high in the air, quite impressive physically, for more tawse. She kneels erect on a chair for more handspanking and a tawsing, then sits legs open for the strap on her inner thighs. (All three segments contain some spanking torment intriguingly outside the norm of CalStar Brtiish decorum.) Penny is not done; her palms are tawsed; her top is pulled down and her breasts massaged for "humiliation"; then she must fondle the cane, knowing she is going to be getting it. She does get 6 hard strokes- white lines become bruises as we watch. Then some submissive kneeling for the tawse. You've got to hope she does shoplift again.

II-The courageous Sophie Fennington, called Judy Nelson, stars in this segment, very very early in her CP career. She is a thin little waif at this juncture, long blonde pugtails, but you can't wait to see her stripped down and in position. She is a nurse, in a simple little uniform, and she has been mistreating and stealing from her patients. She signs the consent forms and bats her blue eyes in preparation for what's to come.

She is required to return in a few days at 4:30 PM to be spanked. A delicious contemplation. We wish CalStar had the budget for receptionists, waiting rooms, etc. Nelson goes OTK for a handspanking. She is convincingly fearful and resigned, confirming what many folks have said about her being the best actress to come along in the genre. the tights she is wearing are too thick and so must come down, shortly foll0wed by her panties. There is that celebrated bottom--solid, round, perfect. Next comes the hairbrush, loud and fast. Sophie made a biographical tape in the early '90's, where she described the hairbrush as particularly painful. She too gets into the diaper position on the table, very athletic, for the tawse.

Then she must strip. "But..why?" "I like to thrash my girls naked." The operators here at the clinic definitely have their perks. She stands, bare back, still in half-slip and panties, and is tawsed on her upper back, most unusual. Red marks the shape of the tawse tongue emerge as we watch. Sophie twists in her special way. She confesses to her charges against her patients. Hands on wall; slip and panties down again for the tawse. Now over the famous glass-top table for a "severe caning," a surprising 20 strokes, elegant closeups and marks. But there's MORE--she spreads out on the tabletop, naked, for another 12. The CP queen.

III-Katherine Robinson is a petty thief, signs the consents, and the spankings begin. Tawse on panties, then on the bare. OTK for a hard no-nonsense handspanking. She is offered the choice of: "finishing your therapy here" or a call to the police. "I'll finish it here, sir." We presume this gives the "therapist" the license he needs, because things get edgy. She faces us nude while he snaps at her in a private place with a crop. More cropping on the bottom; She is then urged onto all fours with the crop and a belt for a collar--mild but unusual treatment from the British.

The video concludes with an extraneous insertion--another bottom being caned to a faretheewell.

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