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46 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 5/28/10

This is mostly a girlie show, played out one-room style on CalStar's white sectional couch. The spankings are moderate but the scenery is high class. A common story line--Mrs. Sinclair, an attractive and spankable commodity herself, interviews three girls for the International Model Agency, for placing girls in videos and magazines for "international spankers."

She is on the phone with a client, describing the "lovely bottoms, absolutely gorgeous," for 3 girls set for interview. She tells her customer, "I'll make sure their bottoms are red for you."

Yvette and Samantha enter first--young and nubile types. They know this job is about spanking modeling; Sinclair explains that good hard spankings and even canings are a necessity for the higher paying assignments and that she needs to verify that they can do it. Sounds good to us. Can't be too careful these days.

The girls go to change clothes and the third applicant, Jessica, reports late and is told the same things. Yvette and Samantha return in little black dresses. "Ah, sweeties, very nice." She'll start with Yvette, a tall thin blonde with a Princess Di hairstyle. OTK, skirt up, Sinclair is delighted with her thonged bottom. "Bottom up in the air, please." "I love these girls' bottoms," and "a nice little peach, ready to be eaten." Sinclair will show more than a talent agent's interest in these three girls. The spanking on "this juicy bottom you've got" is moderate and lengthy, lots of breathy lesbian talk.

Samantha is allowed to cream Yvette's bottom at this early stage, then she goes OTK herself for the same treatment, "good hard smacks" on her "lovely firm bottom." She is smaller, with long tawny hair, a more pronounced tush, "just waiting to be spanked," says Sinclair, airing anyone's thought who might see Sam. Yvette begins masturbating as Sam is spanked.

Jessica is taken OTK last, a lusty brunette equal to Yvette and Sam in every department. "Do you think I've got what it takes?" Sinclair slaps away. "This is what my customers bottoms." Jessica is first to go the next step--over the couch for a doubled belt/strap. It is harder and her bunched white panties don't protect.

Sam and Yvette return in new outfits and see the belting. "Are we going to have to do this too?"

Sinclair: "Samantha, I want to see you with your clothes off." Sinclair assists stripping her nude. She faces us for a long moment; Sinclair fondles and kneads. She positions her bottom over a hassock.

"Yvette, I want you too to be naked." An erotic undressing--this actress is not unfamiliar with the process. The two bare bottoms are stacked on the hassocks, legs splayed. Sinclair slaps at the pile of bare skin and there is brief erotic chaos.

The caning part comes. It will be Jessica, bent over, still with pants on. Five quick strokes, the two naked girls pause the caning to cream her before we continue. 15 more quick strokes, followed by more cream, and at last "I'll pull her knickers down." Sinclair is in high dudgeon by now: "We don't need cream, we need salt to rub in her wounds." "Oh, nasty," the girls observe.

The three reddened bare bottoms are lined up for some snapshots by Sinclair. This concluding poster pose is as good as any we've seen 0f the kind. Some nude closeups as the girls gather up and depart.

All in all, mostly talk and cheesecake, the spankings hardly develop; several indications that the girls have reached limits or were unwilling to go further. Still, entertaining British theatre.

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