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length:25 min

Fixed camera position on a padded punishment table. Three girls will be marched in and strapped on the bare. Nu West has done a nuch of these sequential institutional spankings. If you like stark settings and pretty victims, this will suffice.

Scene opens immediately on a pretty blonde being led in, wearing only a camisole/undershirt, panties, and socks. She is quickly and unceremoniously stripped naked by a tall attractive female guard and nudged to climb up onto and shimmy lengthwise across the pads. The guard then ties her down, loosely it would seem, but we will benefit when the girls' bottoms twist and buck under the strap. The tie-down is leisurely, surely boring to some, but I found it sexy to watch anxious faces, submissive bodies, and soaring buttocks atop spread legs awaiting their fate. A second attractive warden appears--she's the executioner--and takes a strap off a wallhook, fingers it, measures her stance, and lays on sets of 10 strokes.

The second girl dragged in is a curvy brunette, very exciting when she loses her undies. Then a third girl, a cute shag blonde. The punishment process is the same.

There are several cameras--floor level, face-on, ceiling, etc. and probably some repeat strokes. But the bottoms do show developing marks; we get closeups of tear-streaked faces. I'd say, from all the rosy cheeks, bumping, grinding, and whining, a good time was has by all.

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