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Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 4/10/09

CalStar's long form, an entertaining premise, where "doctors" observe the results of spankings to female "patients" at the CP Corporal Punishment Institute. There were continuity problems on the version we watched. We'll try to ;piece it together.

Adrian has brought his recalcitrant wife Anna to Dr. Ward. While Anna waits outside, the men discuss her behavior. Anther "patient," Tracy, stands bare-bottom, hands-on-head, facing the wall,apparently between treatments. Anna is called in and sees Tracy. "Oh, my god, what is this?" Didn't she see the name on the door of the place? This isn't the chiropractor.

Adrian's spankings haven't worked. Let's see why. She goes OTK, in a black skirt and tap, shy, drab expression, not too eager about all of this. Skirt up, black panties. Ward is observing clsely. Adrian is too tender as a spanker. "Are you all right down there," to his bent-over wife. When Adrian goes to pull her panties down, it seems they are part of her top and attached in the crotch. There is a humorous moment whenhe unsnaps them. "Don't see these very often. I was expecting hooks." The girl laughs, as though this event was unscripted and the spnkking actor had no idea what sort of panties she would be wearing.

The doctor keeps observing his spanks and suggests a "little more weight behind it." Ward will show Adrian. She bends over a desk. "Put your elbows on the desk." His handspanking isn't much better. A spearmint-shaped paddle elicits bruises and whines. Lovly closeup. Adrian tries a wide three-fingered tawse, but he is a softy. Ward does better with a wide strap. "Some people enjoy this, but my interst is purely professional."

With another strap, Ward spanks Anna in the diaper position. Shecertainly didin't expect to put on such a display. They try Adrian's razor strap, with Anna lying lengthwise on the desk, one leg out, one on the floor. Glamorous and unusual. That strap may have bitten because they don't continue.

"Time we moved to the cane." There is a sweet sequence where Ward shows how to strike the buttocks--avoid wrap-arounds, don't let the tip dig in, one cheek, both cheeks, maximum sting, etc. Quite clinical: we took notes. They agree, "Eighteen" should do it. Adrian does 15 strokes (some repeats). Ward points out which weals he prefers over others. (We were good with all of them, ourselves.) There will be 9 more, to be counted aloud. "Understnad?" "Yes, doctor." Anna is short of breath and gasping as she counts. In a moment of discontinuity, Anna has dressed, but the boys decide on 2 more cane strokes on her skirt then 3 more on her bottom, bare again. She stands pants down while they discuss her bottom like a fish on a scale.

The next segment at the Institute is entitled "Last Lesson The Cane," and may have been the orginal title and its first segment. The patient is Tracy, whose blushing backside was a brackdrop in the previous section of this video. She is a nurse, and herDr. Stevens has sent her here for some work to be done. Tracy is a damiliarIrish actress, and for the stated reasons, is one of our favorites. Beside being slovenly at work, Tracy was caught in a "compromising position," which was on her knees, in her doctor's surgery with her boyfriend.

Dr. Ward can fix this. It's "dismissal or a visit to me, corporal punishment." The cane. "Cane? It's going to hurt." She is denied a warm-up, and this sweet actress has some experience, because she knows that helps with the sting. Moving along, bent over, skirt up, 8 lovely snapping strokes on classy white lace panties. On the bare, another half-dozen. This young lady puts out an orgasmic, itching wiggle, and has an incomaprable bottom. "Take your knickers off." Hands on the wall, feet aprat, in the frisking posture, straddling a small table to accentuate her pose and thrust her world-class bottom even further out, for 20 wonderful singing stinging strokes. "A little rub if you like' at 7; another at 14. "we'll finish with siix really firm ones." "Really firm?" Yes, and fast.Breathtaking--hers and ours. We had to walk around the block at this point.

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