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Cruel Canings

Reviewed by: Alex

This video is produced by a South African company that has had a rather characteristic line of videos out for a while. I have seen one enthusiastic review of another view (Boatdrinks), and one very bad one of yet another (same site, different reviewer). While not all of their videos may be of the same quality, I believe that they often do what they specialize in very well. Their speciality is moderate to severe caning, often in the form of a military or prison punishment, and usually with some sexual activity that is frequently very explicit. Their style is not the rather friendly sexuality of many British tapes, for example, but is much more hard-edged. Their military tapes, for example, have a background of neo-nazi regalia. But they are not about torture, only hard caning. They obviously try for a good quality production within their well established means and this tape is an excellent example. It is almost all caning and sex, with some introductory passages. There are many close-ups and partly-full views, of both the caning and of arsehole and pussy (they tend not to show full views of both caner and caned) . The tapes are relatively inexpensive ($59.90)and, I reckon, very good value. Their website is well organized with excellent stills.

"Cruel Canings" starts with a husband telling his wife that their sex life needs spicing up and that he's going to do it with the aid of a psychology book that recommends punishment, so he brings out a cane. The rest of the video shows the wife presenting herself in a series of guises and being quite severely caned in each.

In the first she enters the room dressed as a schoolgirl and is soon bending over to touch her toes. She does not undress but is not wearing panties. She receives 8 strokes which are not really severe but are quite hard enough to produce nice red marks after a few seconds.

In the next segment, she re-enters the room as a leather-dressed party girl and, after a bit of gyrating and fingering (not the video's best moments), she is lying on her back on the bed dildoing her pussy. Turning on her stomach, she then (with some difficulty) finds her arsehole with another dildo and starts using both. Her hubby then starts to cane her and soon her bottom is up in the air to provide a better target (pussy dildo still at work, arsehole dildo wobbling in place). Most of this is shown from a position between her legs and its very sexy. She gets 8 strokes in this segment, visibly adding to her schoolgirl bad marks.

Next, she returns as a medieval slave (the face mask is bizarre but she is naked otherwise and the bottom is still the same) and has to lean forward grasping some bars as hubby renews his work with the cane. After a few strokes, he attaches her ankles to a leg-spreader and has her arch her waist and present her bottom for camera close-up. These are good views and the strokes are hard. Her bottom is becoming well marked and visibly ruffled by now and you can hear her say "shit!" when a stroke is particularly painful. 8 strokes.

Next she appears as a sexy secretary. Some time is wasted with dictation, but soon she is facing the chair and bending over again. It looks as though her bottom has had a little rest before this section. One stroke over fishnet stockings and then the cane is back to her bare bum (as hubby calls it, rather quaintly in his Afrikaans accent). She's wearing a top and fish nets are pulled down to her knees. Several good strokes follow, interrupted by hubby's assistance with the dildo, tracing the welts of the cane and giving pussy some care and attention. At one point, she has to kneel up on the chair sear and bend right over the back. The views and close-ups of bottom and cane together, before, during and after the stroke, are all pretty good. There's lots of good bottom action, up, down and around and her cheeks are getting very clearly corrugated. 8 strokes. This is an excellent section.

Then follows a rest, while she dildos her pussy lying on the bed. She does it face down and on her back and there are very close close-ups of her bottom, which is rather well striped and bruised by now. There is some nicely intense clenching of bottom cheeks that may indicate she is close to coming at this point. She clearly has a really painful bottom by this point and either is in fact getting off on it, or else is a pretty accomplished actress in this respect.

Next session is as a soldier girl. She is ordered to lift her blouse and lower her pants for some attention to her frontal view (shaved), and then bends over the back of a chair, blouse up and pants down. Eight moderate strokes follow and after four she is allowed to rub her bottom. This segment is for those who like the woman being caned to remain as still as possible.

In this last segment, she reappears, naked except for something around her top, chained face down to a board, for a prison beating. The strokes are hard, and her flailing legs free the chain. This partially interferes with the view of the cane reaching its target but is nice for those who like the woman being caned to thrash around. That this is really hurting is shown when she utters an obviously spontaneous "Wait!" and hubby has to pause until she's collected herself. 10 strokes. To conclude, hubby announces his satisfaction and says he is now ready for a good fuck.

The woman is not nearly as young and winsome as most of the actresses in British CP, or Rigid-East, videos, for example, but has a nice enough body and her bottom is very attractive, both before and after the cane. She is hardly the best submissive actress in the business while standing, but she acts very fetchingly with her bottom when bending over. She takes a good caning for our pleasure and her groans, gasps and cries of pain seem genuine. The caning is cumulative, with the segments obviously administered in fairly quick succession. The marks are deep red and well raised, though the results do not look so severe as those in Rigid-East (reviewers often complain that cane strokes are not hard enough, but I sometimes wonder whether we would accept the same so readily - even if they are paid and we aren't!). Video quality is good and lighting is excellent. This latter seems to me especially important - some companies are rather careless about it (NuWest especially) and it seems a pity that a woman should suffer such abuse of her bottoms while the video doesn't allow the results to be seen clearly. Likewise, this video keeps the camera on the target long enough for development of the welts to be seen (another gripe - bottoms that receive strokes that seem hard but are immediately abandoned by the camera! Maybe a company can come up with split-screen video - bottom and face seen together?!).

The company was helpful when I had a problem with a credit card. They have a number of other videos (including caning and intercourse between consenting partners) and have an informative website with good stills.

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