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Crying Eyes 2

70 Minutes
Guest Review by Sprite posted 7/10/09

A girl is picked out from a number. She is told she will be caned by the Master personally. The Master is dressed in a drab brown monk's habit. He tells her to strip naked. Enjoy watching her strip in front of the others, revealing her full womanly figure. She is in her twenties, very attractive with lovely breasts and a cute pussy trimmed with just a thin line of hair remaining. She is sent out to the preparation room where we see her lying and being coated in body oil ready for her caning.

She returns to the main room where she is tied kneeling across a frame with her hands tied to a pole and her elbows touching down so that her bottom is perfectly positioned for her caning. She looks nervous, she has witnessed the severe canings administered to other girls in Crying Eyes part 1. She is told she must count each stroke aloud until she reaches 50, if she makes a mistake the caning starts over from the beginning.

The first eight strokes are spaced evenly across her ample but not fat bottom, so that you can clearly count the marks at the end of that sequence. The ninth stroke overlaps and the effect can be seen in a vivid red weal. The severe caning continues with the cane striking right through on the left cheek and the tip biting hard into the fleshy middle of the right cheek. There is no wrap around and her oiled bottom aids the slicing effect of the cane. The camera action moves from full behind to side view to facial expression.

At stroke 20 the Master changes to a thicker cane. She begins to cry. At 24 she is asked if it hurts, reply YES. Would you like me to stop ? Reply NO! The cane is changed again at stroke 25 to a yet thicker implement and the effect is seen at stroke 26 when she cries harder. At stroke 28 we have a nice closeup shot of her very marked bottom with a little blood weeping through some of the weals.

At stroke 28 the Master changes his attention to her thighs and at 29 we see teardrops dripping from the end of her nose. Stroke 30 is particularly harsh, a downward full force strike which rips into the flesh causing squeals of pain. Time to change cane again. Strokes 31 to 35 are slightly milder and concentrate on her left cheek as the right cheek is badly marked by now. He asks her if she wants to continue, she says YES! On past 40 she goes, at 41 he asks if she feels honoured to be caned, yes she feels honoured she replies. Stroke 42 is very hard and in her confusion of pain she miscounts the stroke as 45. I will start over, he says, she bows her head and sobs. The caning has been evenly paced, the 42 strokes have taken 6 minutes.

He continues caning hard, she counts more carefully now. He varies the caning, alternating between very hard and lighter strokes. By stroke 40 she is crying bitterly, her bottom and thighs are covered in bruises and weals halfway down to the backs of her knees. Her right buttock is particularly sore from the bite of the tip of the cane and is bleeding in several places.

She reaches 50 without further mistake and we get a long close up shot of her bottom which shows the full effect of the severe caning. The entire 92 strokes she has received took a full 16 minutes.

This is one of the best caning sequences I have seen. It is very severe, as expected from Mood, but the actress is, I feel, into the part and there is good interaction between her and the experienced Master. It might be going too far to say she enjoyed it, but I hope you know what I mean. Although her bottom is very marked and bruised I am sure that the blood will wipe off almost immediately and she will be fine apart from a reminder of her scene each time she sits down for a few days afterwards.

There follows another sequence of a caning of a slim, almost skinny, girl who is tied in the same position. Because of her lack of meat, her pussy and bottom are clearly visible. This is a very different caning scene from the first, the girl is clearly not enjoying things at all and the Master enjoys caning her without mercy trying to hit her pussy, and succeeding a few times much to her discomfort. She counts the 50 without error, the caning taking 8 minutes. The movie ends with a lasting final close up of her badly marked little bottom.

If anyone out there enjoys classic very severe caning, with no prior spanking warmup, this is a must see. Not for the faint hearted or those looking for OTK or romantic style spanking. Excellent camerawork throughout this well made production.

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