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Crying Shame

Year: 2001
46 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/27/10

CalStar surprises periodically, which is why we burrow through their archive. Three startling girls. You know immediately---it doesn't matter who spanks whom, we'll be the winner. The girls live together and are packed to leave on holiday. Actress Cassandra, a thin brunette with a body to remember, has lost her passport. The girls' expensive prepaid tickets are jeopardized. Actress Deborah is going to spank the daylights out of her, right now.

The scene is an open-floored house, wooden floors, two-story ceilings--loud to hear dialogue but great for the sound of flesh-on-flesh. Beautiful blond Deborah takes Jennifer OTK. The third roommate, blond actress Georgette Neale, sashays upstairs, clattering high heels, giving her jeaned bottom the slightest wiggle--we are hooked and ready to see more of her.

Deborah takes Jennifer's jeans down quickly--she shouts and cusses at her predicament. Her little thong is tugged down as the handspanking proceeds. Over the clouch arm for the oval paddle--very hard from Deborah and Jennifer continues to complain.

"Get your clothes off." Huge breasts, narrow hips, hard bottom, long legs, flowing hair, a body to be marketed. Hands on the couch for the floppy leather paddle/strap. Jennifer quickly positions herself, seeming to know just what to do. Closeups of her bottom and face. Everyone knows to keep her hair off her face.

Deborah switches to the cane. About 40 strokes are shown--repeats from several angles. Jennifer marks immediately, goes qjuiet, and is soon quivering. Deborah smiles--she have more than a punitive interest kin whacking Jennifer. [noise on the set, quiet please!]

Georgette (actress Georgette Neale) has been watching Jennifer's travail from the top of the stairs with some humor. Suddenly she comes down, having found Jennifer's passport but now missing hers. Jennifer argues angrily that she was spanked for naught, standing totally naked and unabashed between her clothed roommates. They smile, because now Georgette is going to be spanked.

Georgette willingly drops her jeans to display white patterned panties you'd like to collect. She too is pressing hard against her blouse. After a brief OTK she stands and takes off her panties herself, certainly keeping within the spirit of things. Nice closeup of her tush and its environs.

They goes upstairs to the kitchen, a reverse living house and maybe some Spanko's vacation home donated for this shoot. Georgette has pulled her clothes back on, but strips down again and goes over the kitchen island for some hard paddling. The height of this platform is just right to show off her elegant tush.

Deborah tells her to strip, which she does slowly, because everyone knows this is the highlight of the film. Totally naked, she carefully puts her platform heels back on. Georgette is a professional. Some more paddling on the counter--she begins tweaking her own breasts, each a handful and then some. Deborah: "You're enjoying this." "I'm not!"

Georgette tweaks away while Deborah goes downstairs. We were mindful she had left the cane down there. She whales away--40 strokes on film, repeats from closeups, obliques, facials, and direct bottom-on, all well enough edited that we don't care. It is just fun to watch Barbie-doll Georgette stomp and gasp as Deborah makes stripes. Deborah remarks near the conclusion that this is so much fun that it doesn't matter if the vacation payment is lost.

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