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Chelsea's Cute Competitor

Written and directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer & Clare Fonda
Staring: Clare Fonda
Chelsea Pfeiffer
Running Time: approximately 45 minutes
Review by Katrina

What happens when two friendly competitors, who just happen to run spanking related sites, get together in front of the camera? It is simple. One or the other proposes a spank-off. How delicious an idea it must sound. One will spank the other and then they will switch. The winner? Well, you will have to watch the video to find that little tidbit.

After a brief interview of questions and answers, Clare finds herself prone, on the dreaded spanking couch, over Chelsea's lap. Clare's major concern was about being able to "take it" from Chelsea, not the position that she was in. Chelsea starts out rather lightly, over Clare's skirt "as a professional courtesy." Clare can only clench her hands and hold on while she states "I have always wondered what it would be like to be spanked by you." With that Chelsea picks up the pace a bit, now beaming with a smile. Nice try, Clare. The spanking has only just started and it won't work as you will find out. This is only the warm-up.

The first few waves of pain begin to register on Clare's expression as she closes her eyes. Chelsea is now swatting her skirt at a rate of about four slaps per second. That is some warm-up. About this time, Chelsea peels back the outer skirt and reveals the black one. A few little strokes to straighten it out and the hand-to-bottom action is resumed with the same place. Sometime during this Clare let slip that people have said that she, Clare, does not spank as hard as Chelsea. Chelsea's response is "well, maybe I can give you a few pointers on how to spank harder." What is planned is not a pointer, but a first hand demonstration; the demonstration is to be performed on Clare's bottom in the next few minutes. Clare still hasn't quite learned her lesson and taunts Chelsea that she can take it pretty hard. That was not one of your brightest ideas, Clare. Chelsea picks up the pace again.

Chelsea slowly rolls up Clare's skirt and gives a cute cry of "oh, boy, look at the pink" Clare is fair skinned and gets pink very quickly. The spanking continues on Clare's purple pantied bottom. Clare's bottom wiggles, and jiggles under the tutelage of Chelsea's hands. Clare's bottom is now pretty red and the spanking is still in the warm-up stage. This may not be one of Clare's best ideas. Clare states that "I just wanted to say that I can take it. I can take a good spanking." That is the signal for Chelsea to grab her panties and, while Clare emits a squeak, slowly pulls them down, allowing her lips to spring forth.

Now, we have nothing in the way. It is a direct line from Chelsea's hand to Clare's totally nude bottom. Clare's bottom is starting to change color. There are a lot of pale areas left. They don't last that color very long. Chelsea starts this round very quickly. She begins to spank Clare's bottom at a rate of what would seem at least five times a second. At this rate, applied to Clare's bare bottom, it must be driving Clare out of her mind. Chelsea continues on the pale patches on her bottom and upper thighs. Yes, she is planning to make the upper thighs that shade of pink too. Still, Clare's bottom bounces. She has one very nice bottom. It is beginning to turn a serious shade of red as Clare can only grab her hands tighter and grimace. Clare is determined to take it all from Chelsea. By now, there are no more pale spots. It is red all over.

Now Clare's bottom is on fire. She tries to call an end to the spanking claiming that Chelsea has an advantage because Clare won't be able to sit. She says that she will be fair. Chelsea's answer is simply "liar" and continues to pummel Clare's wobbling posterior. Clare states that she is "pretty much a good girl, but payback time ..." Chelsea's reply was simple "Are you threatening me?" while she spanks Clare harder.

Things are about to start to heat up (on Clare's bottom) when Chelsea asks the cameraman "Dave, do you think that you could go get me a hairbrush?" When she has the hairbrush, she starts out slowly. One full, shoulder high, swat every couple of seconds. Once Clare finally says "I am sorry that I did this", Chelsea starts in with a "proper" hairbrush spanking. All that Clare can do is to now shove her hands into her mouth to keep from screaming and start furiously kicking while the brush comes down on her bottom at a rate of about three a second. Poor Clare's bottom. Poor Clare. Chelsea's hand is tired. When it goes to five a second, the hands don't help as you can hear Clare's screams. Then Chelsea starts with the hairbrush on the crevice between the bottom and the thighs. Clare is not a happy camper. She is now beginning to struggle as Chelsea does an excellent job with the hairbrush on Clare's bottom. By the time that Clare states that "I know exactly what the girls take in your videos", Chelsea asks "Are you sure? We usually end the videos with a few extra hard swats just to make sure that naughty girls have learned her lesson." She gives Clare the few extra hard swats treatment with the hairbrush. This is too much. Clare almost starts to get up and run out by the time that Chelsea has finished lighting the fire in her bottom. And with the last, final, swat Clare is let up.

Now it is Chelsea's turn to be under Clare's palm. Like before, the spanking starts over Chelsea's skirt. Chelsea is wearing a long print skirt. Clare starts to warm her up with a very slow regular pace. Chelsea is the brat who complains "ow. oh ow" with the tone of "is this as hard as you can do it?" Clare continues to swat her bottom. Chelsea still comments on her style. About this time, Clare peels up the first layer of Chelsea's skirt and continue to spank her bottom. Clare does not let up. She has a very regular pattern that lasts minutes.

Eventually, the first skirt is raised and now we find Chelsea's purple panty briefs. Chelsea is not as fair skinned as Clare, and does not show the redness as much. However, Chelsea's bottom is red. Clare seems to have a harder hand then Chelsea. She uses her hand much more than Chelsea did. By the time that it is ready to pull down Chelsea's panties, her bottom is now fully red. Still, Clare continues to spank Chelsea's bottom. Time and time again, the hand and bottom meet with a resounding crash. The bottom gives, the hand goes back up, and the bottom reverberates like a coin dropped on a bed.

Chelsea is a squirmier. She wiggles, ruches, twists, and shakes in an effort to avoid Clare's hand. After the last "five good ones", it is time for the hairbrush that Chelsea makes a special note to burn in the future.

The call for action brings the brush down on Chelsea's bottom with a light force. It seems that Clare is more proficient with her hand than the brush. Still she manages to make her point on Chelsea's bottom. Eventually, Clare picks up the pace and Chelsea can't stand it much longer. She begins to squirm in earnest for the last few dozen swats.

The last statement is from Chelsea, "Well, I still think that my favorite part was spanking you, but all's well that end's well."

I do not know what to say other than this is one great video. If you wish to see Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda in action then this is the one to get. You won't find much better in either of their two catalogs. The interaction between these two stars almost puts this review to shame as it can not do them justice. This is one hot video. I can see now that I will not be applying for a spankee job at either of their two companies. I prefer to watch from the safety of my own living room. Both Clare's and Chelsea's bottom are red by the time that the film ends. Neither have any deep bruises. None of this is extreme. However, it is not a light patty-cake spanking video either. This is the real stuff. I can't hesitate to recommend this video to everyone, especially if you like over-the-knee type spankings with a hairbrush. Yummy. Oh, yes ... who won? You did.

SECOND REVIEW BY : Eric Blair-Brown

It's the battle of the divas. In this corner is Clare Fonda. She's the owner of the Spank That Bottom and Spanked Cuties web sites. In the other corner is Chelsea Pfeiffer. The owner of Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment and Good Spanking web sites. The goal of this competition is to see if these rivals can live up to their reputations. Let's go to the action.

Round 1

Clare Fonda is the first spankee. Chelsea starts with a light warm up, but soon begins to pick up the pace. Pfeiffer pounds away at the Fonda's skirt, but Clare remains stoic. Soon the skirt is up and the spanking continues on Fonda's skirt. Pfeiffer keeps up the pressure by spanking Clare on her slip, her panties and then on her bare behind. After a firm spanking it looks like Chelsea is finished... but no... she quickly grabs a hairbrush and the spanking is raised to a whole new level. Pfeiffer is merciless with the object and leaves Fonda with a very sore looking bottom. All in all, a very professional spanking.

Round 2

Now it's Clare's turn. She begins with a light spanking on Pfeiffer's skirt. Pfeiffer counters with some trash talking. Fonda uses the same offense as Chelsea used on her. First, a firm spanking on her skirt, then on Pfeiffer's slip. Soon it's down to her panties and then on her bare behind. Chelsea uses a whining defense, but she gets no pity from Fonda. The hairbrush is out and the spanking picks up. At the end of the round, Fonda shows her prowess as a spanker and Chelsea shows her sore backside.


It's only natural that these two women would work together. They're known for using humor, camera angles and pretty girls to make a unique brand of spanking videos. So who's the winner of the competition? Chelsea is a better spanker. Fonda can absorb a tougher thrashing. So the real winners are the people that see this enjoyable production.

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