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UPDATED REVIEW - by John O'Connell on 2/5/10

While doing my status updates I noticed that I had not reviewed this site in quite some time. Cutie Spankee is still very much active and for $21.00 for the first month (less if you chose to keep your membership), it was well worth taking another look. As before, this material is shot in Japan and therefore any genital shots will be blurred out due to Japanese law. However, it doesn't detract all that much from the novelty, if you will, of the scenes. The props and costumes used are authentic and really compliment each scene. As of today, the site features over 100 different scenes. Each scene features both a photo gallery and 3 video clips (the very early scenes don't all have photo galleries, but the newer ones do). The photo gallery for each scene varies in how many photos are included, but there usually are at least a few dozen. Some have well over 50. Each photo has a resolution of around 800X600 with all photos having a preview thumbnail. As for the clips, they each run around 2 minutes which makes each scene roughly 6 minutes in total. They run about 25 MB in size, so they won't take you all day to download either. They quality has also seen an upgrade with a 720X480 frame size, 4461 kbps data rate, and frame rate of 29 fps. On a 22 inch digital monitor, they also look pretty good expanded to full screen. The site updates every week with one new scene adding the photos one day and then the video clips on another. For $21.00 USD, you get a lot for your initial membership and it's also not a bad price should you decide to stay on.


Cutie Spankee is unique in the aspect that, as far as I know, it's the only Japanese spanking website online. And I mean real website that creates their own material and updates frequently, not a phony baloney site that reposts the same material we've all seen a thousand times. Cutie Spankee is owned and operated by Japanese people using Japanese actors. So, in the video clips you will hear them speak in the native tongue. This may not be important to some, but for me it solidifies the authenticity of the site. It is also important to note that Japanese law prohibits the public photography of genitals. So, in the photos in which they girl's nether regions would be open for view, that area is blurred out. I'm mentioning this so should anyone decide to join, they understand this up front and know why it's like that. Members are treated to both photo sets and video clips. Some of the photo sets correspond with video clips, although there are video series that do no have photos to accompany them. It seems like this is more for earlier additions, as the more recent updates have both photos and clips for any given scenario. Currently there are roughly 30 different scenarios for the video clips, with three clips for each one. The clips are of average quality and run about a minute and a half a piece. The scenarios themselves range from schoolgirl, to the famous sailor outfit, to even a traditional kimono. The severity of the spankings are more on the lighter side of the scale. Those looking for Real Spankings or Rigid East style punishments may find CS to be lacking in this area. For the average fan, the severity is adequate. Punishments include hand spankings, hair brush, cane, paddle, and a few other instruments. The photos are all high resolution and are thumb nailed for your convenience. At present, there are over thirty galleries, featuring a fair amount of photos in each. The site is updated twice a week, with one being for clips and the other for photos. Despite being relatively new (I believe less than a year old) the site has a decent amount of content and continues to find new ways to entertain their audience. Cutie Spanking has open the doors to the Asian spanking in a way that has not been done successfully before. They bring the spanking thirsty audience a refreshing change of pace in both originality and style.

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