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Dangerous Blondes

Produced by Tony Elka
Written by Danny Crighton and Eve Howard
Directed by Eve Howard Starring Amber Pixie Wells
Chloe Elise
Arthur Sire
Rucca Page
Danny Crighton
Reviewed by John O'Connell 10/31/08
Running Time: 1 hr 15 minutes

This production from Shadow Lane features three very lovely ladies that at various times throughout the production come to a behavorial clinic. They come of their own free will and are asking for assistance in curbing their behavior which has caused them and others trouble. The first scene features Chloe who is so embarassed by what she had done, she can not even tell the punishment therapists what her prevoius transgressions were. But, she feels that this type of therapy will help her in the future. Chloe looks quite fabulous in her black dress and the therapist wastes no time in taking her over his knee. He asks her again for some specifics as to why she had come to them for help. Her response is somewhat vague, so he gives her a few warm up smacks to encourage her to be more free and open. The process is quite interesting, mellow talk with hard slaps. I wonder if Doctor Phil will implement this type of therapy anytime soon. The spanking therapy continues over her slip, black panties, and eventually the bare. The conversation between the two is actually fun to listen to as well. Not like some productions I've seen where it's the same lines over and over again. This is very well scripted and enjoyable to watch. And in the process you get to watch a pretty blonde's bare rear turn bright red. Once he's had enough of having Chloe over his knee, the therapist places her over a bench. The spanking continues with the hand before he eventually ends the session with a little pep talk.

Scene two features the ever popular and delightful Amber Pixie Wells. When she asks if the therapy "will hurt" they therapists respond together "yes". Being the main model for Punished Brats, she doesn't seem to be too phased by this and agrees to their help. This time, the other therapist will be taking care of Pixie. I wonder how they two decide on which one takes which client. Perhaps they draw straws. Anyway, after a short chat session, Pixie finds herself across the lap of the therapist. Her white dress seems to drape over her magnificent bottom in a way that begs for the therapist to yank it up. Yet, he is patient, performing the same soothing talk while smacking her clothing covered behind. Before long the dress will convince him to pull it up and reveal Pixie's sexy black panties. I have to say, some of today's models provide more than just a nice bottom to spank. They really can get into the part and provide a bit of realism that we've never seen before. Pixie is one of these models who can actually act in addition to taking a good spanking. Some of the comments and expression are just fabulous and really add to this production. Much to her dismay, the sexy panties are eventually lowered revealing the bottom many have come to know and love. Mr. Therapist however doesn't take any time to enjoy the sites and continues his quest to rid her of bad habits. Given the color of Pixie's bottom, I would hope he is successful, as she certainly won't be sitting comfortably for a long time. The bare bottom spanking contiues for a good length of time before she is brought to a bench. She is bent over and her session continues with a small paddle. The session ends with Pixie hopeful that this was enough.

Anyone who knows how much spanking Pixie can take can pretty much guess that she would be back for another scene. Both Pixie and Chloe return to the therapy office and are now punished together by both of the therapists. Being made to stand against a balance beam of sorts, both girls are bent slightly with skirts raised for some hand slapping help. Since this is a return visit, it doesn't take long for the bottoms to be beared. The soothing talk is a little less and the hard smacking is a little more as both girls wonder what they have gotten themselves into. The scene ends with both girls having very red bottoms.

The next scene features Rucca Page as the receptionist/nurse that we saw briefly in the first scene when she brought Chloe into the doctor's office. She talks with the therapist about some issues of her own and decides that she needs their form of medicine to help her out. Agreeing to assist their employee, the therapy men go to work. While on the couch, Rucca is brought across the lap of one of the therapists while the other sits on the bench. They talk with her about her problems while the first therapist warms up her bottom over her white dress. She quickly learns how painful this therapy can be, most likely wondering if a more conventional approach would have been better. The dress is raised to reveal her white panties that are cut high revealing her shapely bottom. Already crimson, the therapist is no where near done with this work. Discussing and spanking, Rucca takes her punishment pretty well. Before long her bottom is bared and the therapist turns it up a little more. For whatever reason, after a little while the spanking moves to a bench for the other therapist to take over. Maybe that's his work station, I don't know, but the work is no where near being done. Rucca is spanked for a long period of time by the 2nd therapist, all the while he is continuing his talk. Just when you think the session would be over, she is bent over the bench for more. The first therapist holds her hands while the 2nd one continues his journey of red ass making. Amazingly, this punishment also continues for a fair length of time. I had not seen Rucca before and was quite impressed with ability to withstand all this spanking. Finally the session concludes and Rucca is left to ponder what she had learned.

I have to say, I enjoyed this DVD very much. The women were very eye pleasing, could take a heck of a spanking, and could act too. Arthur and Danny also were supurb and made this production interesting and fun to watch.

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