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Dark Room: Volume 2

Mood Pictures
Prison Wardress - Jessica Lee
Guards - Lady Jenny, Emeralda Lung
Prisoners - Mallory King, Claire Shine, Rita Goord, Mona Silvestre
Hungarian with English subtitles
Running Time: 36 minutes
Guest Review by: JBI

Typically severe action with three industrial-strength prison canings and a very painful 70-stroke whipping. This continues the standard women-in-prison story from the previous movie. Both are "crossover" films that tie in to their spinoff company Elite Pain (more on that later).

After some intro scenes from part 1, we rejoin Mallory King, the innocent brunette (with short, butch hairdo), who goes undercover as a prisoner at Pennington Prison in search of her sister. The merciless Wardress (cold, bitchy Jessica Lee) has a secret arrangement with the Elite Club, a cult of wealthy, moralistic pervs who pass judgement on selected prisoners and view their punishments in a private "V.I.P. suite" (a.k.a. the Dark Room).

Draped in black, the secret chamber is a dark void with just one light trained on the punishment apparatus. A simple but very effective setting. Elite Club members concealed in monkish robes sit off-camera in the shadows.

As usual, the story wastes little time in getting down to business. First, a new inmate, slender auburn-haired Claire Shine, is caned. All prisoners must count each stroke aloud; they can cry all they want, but can't otherwise talk. The Club demands that they exhibit suffering and contrition.

Claire's outstretched arms and neck are strapped to an unusual wood and metal frame. This contraption hinges forward so she is bent slightly at the waist. The wardress and two female guards take turns rapidly caning her at full force, 50 strokes in all, which leaves dark welts. (At the end, the club members applauded, which seemed a bit silly under the circumstances.)

Unlike Lupus, Mood resolves the remaining story elements in a few brief, efficient scenes. Mallory confronts wardress Jessica about her sister, names the detective who forged her conviction papers, and demands to be released. But Jessica has other plans. The story is neatly wrapped up and we're back to more whup-ass action in record time.

A final three-part session for the Elite Club is held in the dark room. First, Mallory endures fifty hard and fast cane strokes. It's most satisfying to see Jessica, with a wicked gleam in her eye, thrash the hell out of her nemesis. Once again, she and the guards switch places every ten strokes -- all of which are delivered with maximum force.

Then petite beauty Rita Goord gets a similar, equally severe 50-stroke cane slashing. Finally, with the punishment frame locked in the upright position, Mona Silvestre suffers a brutal 70-stroke flogging with a thick, single-tail braided whip that looks excruciating. After the first 25 hard lashes across her back, she cries for mercy -- but she gets none. The next 25 burn into her ass and a final 20 lashes to her back. An exciting scene, and her loud cries seemed quite genuine. The only downside is the whip often moves too fast for the camera to catch. You hear it and see the red welt, but the flash of the whip is almost invisible.

This concludes with an advertisement. We are told the Elite Club escaped the authorities and continues at a secret location (referring us to the Elite Pain website). However, one should be aware that the Elite Pain line goes way overboard into deeply disturbing genitorture that's strictly for sadistic sickos. If you need to see girls cut to ribbons with wire whips and full-body canings, followed by bloody breast and genital piercing torture with giant needles, it's time to seek professional help. Mood already makes the most ultra-severe caning films; this ugly sub-franchise seems as unnecessary as it is repugnant.

Bonus Material: Once again, they include the most boring, worthless extras imaginable. One deleted interrogation scene that's so-so, "behind the scenes" with the cast casually chatting between takes, and dull, non-blooper out-takes. Why bother? They should follow the excellent example of Lupus and include the unedited camera views of the CP scenes.

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