Darkroom Exposure

Reference: CS006
$50 PAL and NTSC
53 Minutes
Released 2001
Directed and Produced: Greg Edwards
M/F, featuring Brigella as "Sasha"
Reviewed by: Richard P

I purchased this video directly from Cheeky Video Productions in the UK and it arrived a few days later. This is the most recent of several videos I've received from the company, and all have been well-made, sexy films and fairly hard.

This one starts with Sasha, a tall, attractive blonde model posing for photographs with a black sports car. She is wearing a pair of skimpy shorts and showing off her lovely bottom to the camera. Photographer and model move inside for some more sexy photos, during which he is interrupted by a phone call.

Left to her own devices, Sasha goes poking around the photographer's darkroom and comes across a drum of unprocessed negatives. She is curious and calmly pulls the film out of the drum and exposes it to the light. Then she leaves the room. The photographer soon discovers the spoiled negatives and is furious. Sasha has ruined a roll of film worth £1500.

She is seemingly blasť about the problem, and the photographer decides to teach her a lesson by pulling her over his knee for an OTK spanking. (I think Sasha is a bit too unconcerned by the prospect of being spanked. I like to see a bit of defiance on these occasions, but not too much.)
Her dress is pulled up and she is given a slow, methodical spanking over thong-type panties while she apologises for the ruined negatives. She loses her dress and then her bra as the spanking progresses.

Then the photographer suggests that Sasha helps him recoup his costs by allowing him to take pictures of her punished behind. She doesn't think anyone would buy pictures like that but he assures her that there is a market. Even so, she doesn't co-operate, so the photographer continues to spank her. Her long blonde hair brushes the carpet and her legs kick delightfully as the heat builds up in her behind.
Next, Sasha's panties are removed for the last part of her spanking and we get to see all of her slim, sexy figure.
The photographer then produces a leather paddle and applies it to her bare bottom with slow, hard strokes. At this point Sasha suggests that she poses for some faked pictures, but he isn't interested in that. The pictures have to be of her being properly thrashed for real.

Sasha then has to bend across the back of a chair for the remainder of her paddling. These provoke some great vocal retorts from the errant model, and she starts to redden up nicely.
The paddle is followed by the tawse. Sasha takes it well and the photographer paces his delivery nicely. A few miss-hits, but they make for some interesting reactions. (I think he shoves her head down onto the chair a bit too roughly a few times. That's not how I like to see such a classy girl being treated.)
There's a nice side-on shot of Sasha looking back over one shoulder, with her lovely long hair hanging down on the other side. Very cute.

After a few more whacks with the tawse, Sasha relents and agrees to go along with the photographer's suggestion. He takes this as his cue to move on to a long, odd-looking cane in order to leave some prominent marks on her bottom.
Still bending over the chair, he begins her caning. Initially, it looks like Sasha won't take the strokes, as she keeps twisting and jumping up. But she settles down after a while and the photographer gives her several hard, effective-looking strokes before asking her how many she's had. It turns out that she hasn't been counting. He threatens to start again, and there's a sweet moment as she blurts out "Six! It was six, it was six!"
A few more whacks and then Sasha stands up and faces the camera for a few strokes. That's terrific. She's so pretty and it's a real treat to see her frontally during her punishment, if only for a few seconds.

Sasha takes several swishes standing up, then she has to kneel on the chair for some more hard cuts of the cane. She is made to count the last six out loud and say "thank you" for them. She stands up again for these and you can see her leg really trembling as a result of her caning.
Then the photographer fetches his camera and takes his precious pictures of Sasha's punished bottom. There's a somewhat ugly moment at the end of the film when she's told to take her clothes and f*ck off, and then it's over.
I found this an enjoyable film, and reasonably hard. Picture and sound quality was good and the action was nicely lit and exposed. All of the films I've purchased from Cheeky Video Productions have been of a similar high standard, and I would recommend them to any lover of authentic English discipline.

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