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Days Gone By

Feature I: Sense and Sensibility
Written and Directed by: Lucy Bailey
Starring: Lucy Bailey
Karl Stevens
Peter Birch
Camera: Dave Roberts
Online Editor: Ruben Levy

Feature II: Alice and The Maid
Starring: Nina Birch
Sir John

Feature III: Thorncroft Reformatory
Written and Directed by: Lucy Bailey
Staring: Lucy Bailey
Catherine Scott
Lucienne Zeher

Review by: David Pierson

The ladies who run Miss Marchmont Productions refer to themselves as " the best kept secret on the web." After viewing this superb production I shall make it my personal mission in life to ameliorate this situation. It is time for all lovers of corporal punishment erotica to become intimately familiar with Miss Marchmont.

This remembrance of punishments past (all apologies to Marcel Proust) is a wonderfully erotic and sensual experience. The writing, filmmaking, and acting featured in this production are of the highest caliber. This video is very much like a Merchant/ Ivory film with spanking. (How about Miss Howard's End for the next production?)

Feature I: Sense and Sensibility

This production is Sense and Sensibility as told by Lucy Bailey and not Jane Austen
This feature is a treat for all of your senses. It is lovely to watch and experience. This film was shot on location on a large estate with manicured lawns and sculpted shrubbery. The sound track featured unspeakably beautiful Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel. Then, of course, there is Lucy Bailey.

In this production, Lucy Bailey plays the role of a maid who runs afoul of her master's good graces after the gardener reported to the lord of the manner that the maid's been doing "it" again. While the viewer is never informed as to what "it" is, one can safely surmise that it a thing sexual. To punish the naughty maid, the master instructs his hapless servant girl to prepare a punishment birch for herself. He noted that he would thrash her at one o'clock, directly after he had finished luncheon with his guests. As the appointed time arrived, the lovely young maid arrived carrying the implement that would soon be used to punish her naked backside.

So, in front of the guests who had attended luncheon on the grounds of the grand estate, the master bent his servant over a masonry structure and opened her drawers. The master informed his maid that he expected her to take her thrashing in good grace so as not to disturbed his guests. Soon blow after blow from the vile birch rained down upon the maid's naked bottom. Prior to her chastisement, the lovely young maid's bottom was unblemished and white as porcelain. Under that assault of the birch, her beautiful bottom was soon beaten red and welted. Once he had completed his task, the master warned his now tearful maid that further behavior of this nature would see her dismissed from his employ without references. Our story ends with the naughty young maid sobbing in her bedroom. She was shedding tears of pain, anger and humiliation.

Feature II: Alice or Alice and the Maid

Alice is a beautiful young woman who has been sent to live with her Uncle John upon the death of her father. Her Uncle John's house is very different than the one her father had run. There is little mirth in the house of Sir John. Sir John is a despot who, with the assistance of his " housekeeper" Miss Bainbridge, rules his castle with an iron fist. One evening, our heroine witnessed the birching of Beatrice the maid by her uncle for the crime of not having completed her housework. Sir John seemed to act out of a sense of duty, while his accomplice, Bainbridge, clearly derives a perverse pleasure in watching pain inflicted upon others. Alice was both horrified and titillated by the site of the lovely young maid having her bottom beaten with a freshly soaked birch. After her beating, Beatrice was instructed to complete the work that she had yet to perform. Instead, Beatrice ran sobbing into her room, clutching her thoroughly chastised bottom. As the maid lay on her bed, crying into her pillow, Alice cautiously approached the despondent servant of her uncle. She had to look at and touch Beatrice's welted bottom. Suddenly, a noise from down the hall sent Alice scurrying for cover. Miss Bainbridge, finding the maid in bed, went into a furious state. For not doing as the master had instructed, Beatrice was severely strapped by the sadistic keeper of Sir John's domain.

The following evening, Alice had the oppotrunity to witness another chastisement of the maid for whom she now lusted. In her anxiety, Beatrice spilled some water on to the dress on our heroine. When Sir John announced that he would be birching the maid for her clumsiness, Alice tried to excuse herself, but was instructed to remain in place by her uncle. At the conclusion of her punishment, Beatrice was instructed to assist Alice in changing her dress. Once the two young women were alone in Alice's bedroom, our heroine offered to rub soothing oil onto the maids excoriated backside. Beatrice tentatively accepted her Mistresses' offer. Alice was enthralled by the site and touch of the maid's lovely round bottom. Lost in her lustful reverie, Alice hadn't noticed that Miss Bainbridge had peered into the room and witnessed the ward of Sir. John fraternizing with the lowly maid.

Later that evening, Alice was summoned to her uncle's study. Sir John was upset over reports of Alice's poor study habits. Soon, Alice was to experience the shame and pain of having her naked bottom chastised. Uncle John noting his displeasure at his niece's attitude toward her studies sentenced her to a dose of the strap. Alice gasped as her uncle pronounced this sentence. Shortly, Alice was instructed to bend over his desk. Her bottom was exposed and was then beaten red by a thick leather strap. At the conclusion of Alice's chastisement, Sir John was about to excuse his ward when Miss Bainbridge chose that time to bring up the inappropriate behavior that she had witnessed between the ward of her employer and the maid. This time Alice was birched on her already tender bottom for the offense of consorting with the maid.

Later that same evening, we find young Alice in bed rubbing her very sore bottom. Beatrice entered Alice's boudoir feeling the need to console the recently beaten young woman. Soon the two young women, dressed only in their nightclothes, found themselves engaged in a passionate embrace in Alice's bed. Before things had progressed too far, they were discovered in this compromising position by Miss Bainbridge.

Beatrice was dragged from the bedroom and into Sir. John's study. There, Sir John's sadistic minion informed him as to what she had witnessed. He then sentenced Beatrice to a long and very painful canning on her naked bottom. The terrified young servant girl was made to bend over Sir John's desk; her dressing gown was raised thus exposing her bottom. Soon, Beatrice was shrieking from the pain that the cane was inflicting upon her. After he completed the chastisement of Beatrice, Sir John paid a visit his niece's bedroom. There, he informed Alice that a similar fate awaited her in the morning. After a very sleepless night, Alice found herself in the presence of her irate uncle and his comrade in discipline. He gave his niece the choice of being sent to a convent school or accepting a chastisement with the cane. She chose the cane. It was really no choice at all. The lovely Alice was made to bend over a set of library stairs. (ladder) Her nightgown was raised by Miss. Bainbridge and her bottom was exposed for the impending ordeal. Alice was crying by the third stroke of the cane. He punishment continued until her bottom was thoroughly striped. After her punishment Alice pledged to abide by her uncle's rules.

Feature III: Thorncroft Reformatory

In this final feature of this wonderful production we find two students or inmates of the Thorncroft Reformatory being verbally chastised by the headmaster for their unruly behavior. Susan (played by Lucy Bailey) is clearly frightened about the upcoming consequences of her misdeeds, while her cohort in crime, Rosemary (portrayed by Catherine Scott) couldn't help but laugh at the headmaster. Noting the differences in attitude among the two girls, the headmaster sentenced Susan to twelve lashes of the strap across her navy blue nickers. He was being lenient. Then, with great relish, he pronounced that Rosemary would take twelve strokes of the cane across her bare bottom.

Susan was dealt with first. She was made to pull her uniform up and touch her toes for her strapping. With each blow of the strap, Susan cried out in pain. At the end of her chastisement, a tearful Susan stood before the headmaster a contrite young woman. Then it was time for Rosemary's punishment. Rosemary entered the room clearly concerned about the fate that awaited her. No longer did she find the officious headmaster a source of amusement. She was made to lift her uniform, lower her navy blue nickers to the ground and to bend over for her twelve strokes of the cane. As the first blow of the cane struck its target, Rosemary let out a gasp of horror. During her caning she had much difficulty remaining still. Once the caning was complete, Rosemary was dismissed with the warning that greater horrors awaited her should she fail to mend her ways.

This production of " Days Gone By" is an erotic treasure not to be missed. The stories were all compelling, the period costumes were authentic; the videograhy was stunning and the acting was spectacular. Lucy Bailey is a treasure that all aficionados of Corporal Punishment films should forever embrace.

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