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American Spanking Classics #1 Debbie's Lesson and Painful Memories

Starring Ona Zee, Debbie and Leslie Fay
Reviewed By Henry Lamont

#1 Debbie's Painful Lesson:
The video opens on an outdoor tennis court. There are two attractive women playing tennis. The camera follows the women well, focusing on their bottoms. This turns out to be the one of the most erotic scenes in the video. The petulant, but beautiful, Debbie throws her racket down because she doesn't want to play. The ladies have on really nice outfits with short skirts. Ona says, "this is not how we act on the tennis court, pick up your racket. Go to the car I am going to take you back to my house and give you a really good spanking"! The next setting is in a nice home, a very realistic set. Next Ona pulls up Debbie's skirt and gives her a few light hand spanks over large panties. "Oh please don't hurt me, I will be good" Debbie says plaintively. Ona sits on a coffee table and has Debbie lean over her legs. The tennis girl's bottom is starting to turn pink at this point. Now the panties come down to around her knees. " Bend over all the way" Ona instructs her beautiful young charge. Next she makes her turn around; and one is instantly reminded that this video was shot in the 1980's. The 80's was a time of big hair. Big hair above... big hair below. You know, it was in that dark time before the Brazilian. Ona now slaps inside of little Debbie's thighs from the front. Back over the knees for a hard hand spanking. The girl is pushed to the floor as the spanking ends. Now go practice Ona says, as the scene fades. The next scene is back on the court then back home for the strap. Debbie is made to bend over a chair; she has on cute shorts this time. Eventually the shorts and panties come down to reveal a beautiful bottom. There is nice bottom rubbing with a light strapping, her bottom is just starting to turn pink. The cameraman does a good job with some good close up shots of exposed privates. With this the video ends. This production is a classic of the medium of the Corporal Punishment video erotica.

#2: Painful Memories:
This story opens in an office setting. A dark haired woman (Leslie Fay) is at the desk arguing with her daughter Debbie. Apparently mom is accusing Debbie about sleeping with her (moms) boyfriend Jack. Mom says do you remember what happened when I caught you drinking and the scene fades to a bedroom. Debbie is on her bed with a bunch of empty beer cans. No Mommy, please stop Debbie says, as she is laying on her bed getting a hand spanking from her irate mother. Next she is bent over the bed with her naked bottom on display. There is a nice camera shot looking up at her bottom from below. The scene fades to the office scene and the mom still scolding the girl. Do you remember when I caught you smoking in the bathroom mom says as the scene fades to a bathroom? Mom smells Debbie's breath for smoke smell then looks in toilet and sees a cigarette butt. Debbie is taken to the living room in her underwear for the strap. I enjoyed the bathroom scene; I think it is a setting that isn't used enough. The girl is made to lean over the back of the couch for the strap on her panties. She is made to stand up and take off her panties; her bottom is just turning pink. Now over the arm of the couch as she is made to spread her legs wide. The girl in rubbing her bottom spreads her cheeks which is nice! It is now time to change to a diaper changing position with medium strap strokes. It is time for the cane now leaning over the desk. Spread your legs, Jack should be here to see this, the woman says. The mother interrogates the girl asking if she slept with Jack which she finally admits to. Spread your legs wider mom says! There is a nice camera shot from below the girls spread legs. The cane strokes are light. Debbie rubs her bottom and in the process spreads her cheeks wide exposing her tightest opening. Thank you Debbie!!

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