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Debbie's Spankings

year: 1981
time: 48 minutes
Review by MARS posted 12/24/10

An oldie, converted from silent film to DVD, still containing the film leaders. We believe this is Nu West's early model Debbie, being handspanked in three episodes by a masculine-looking female. Cinematic equipment in the year 1981 would have permitted a better product than this, had Nu West founder Ed Lee been so inclined. This film has historical interest only, except we must acknowledge Nu West yet again as the pioneer of just about every erotic spanking fantasy one can conjure.

Doctors, nurses, police, schoolgirls, nuns, servants, reform schools, dungeons, barns,cages, offices, desks, blackmail, card games, spouse swapping; whips, paddles, straps, rods, canes, birches; a panoply of ingenious restraining devices; light erotic bondage; naughty undies and high heels; plenty of embarrassment and humiliation; total 360 nudity, teased; and of course, emphasis on glorious bottoms on all manner of girls, including some CP and Adult celebrities--a steady market available in nearby Hollywood; sex, boy-girl and girl-girl. Lee always advocated the philosophy that two naked girls were better than one, and he remains the most passionate admirer of the female bottom we have encountered.

On silent film; chintzy soundtrack music; Debbie is spanked OTK and in various postures, bare-bottom in three 12-minute segments, in a domestic setting. She gets the hairbrush, a ruler, and the distinctly American wood fraternity paddle. Debbie spills copious tears and fusses nicely. She is naked part of the time, with an innocently adolescent body. The color, lighting, and setting remind us of early 8 mm blue pornography, this smoker-film for guys and girls who like to watch spankings.

If you know Nu West from its inception, this one is fun.

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