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Debra's New Boss

Guest Review by Bill

First of all, let me say this. I am not a writer and it pains me horribly to write this review, but I felt compelled to write this review as I feel that this is one of the best spanking movies that I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot. I have literally thousands of spanking movies, including half of the Nu-West/Leda catalog.

This movie has excellent acting and the spanking is real and very hard, but the best part of this movie has to be the dialogue and the lecturing. It doesn't get any better than this.

This is a flat out fantastic spanking movie! My words cannot convey how I feel about this movie, so I urge you to go to Nu-West/Leda's website and purchase this movie and see for yourself. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. (I do not work for Nu-West/Leda).

Debra, Dana Specht and Celia star in this Nu-West gem. The scene takes place in Dana Specht's office and opens up with the very stern Ms. Specht interrogating Debra's beautiful, but nervous secretary Celia. Ms. Specht tells Celia that she heard Debra had been selling sexual favors for advertising for the company. Celia denies this and then Ms. Specht tells Celia that she had been in the washroom and she overheard Celia and the other girls talking about Debra's success and how she was exchanging sexual favors for ads. Catching Celia in a lie, Ms. Specht tells Celia to have a seat and tells her that she's going to be punished in a way that she's never been punished before. Then Dana uses her intercom to summon Debra into her office.

A very haughty Debra marches into Ms. Specht's office to find the nervous Celia and the no nonsense Ms. Specht. Ms. Specht proceeds to tell Debra that Celia had confessed to how she had been securing advertising for the company. Debra tells Ms. Specht that it is none of her business how she gets business for the company and that she shouldn't be concerned. Ms. Specht tells Debra that is her business, as it reflects on her. Then Ms. Specht gives Debra the option of being fired or taking an over the knee bare bottom spanking. Rather than being fired, Debra reluctantly opts for the spanking.

Ms Specht then takes a straight back chair and places it in the middle of the office. Pulling up her skirt, she takes a seat and then Debra lies across her lap. She begins by hand spanking Debra's bottom over her skirt. After a good warm up, Debra is sent to the corner and lectured. Then Debra goes back over Ms. Specht's lap for a lengthy spanking over her pantyhose. Then it's back to the corner for more lecturing. Debra then returns over Ms. Specht's lap and her pantyhose is pulled down for a very hard bare bottom spanking. Debra is then returned to the corner and the lecturing continues. Ms. Specht tells Debra that she doesn't see an improvement of her attitude, so she opens the top drawer of her desk and pulls out a large brown leather paddle. She then orders Debra over her desk. Debra bends over the desk and Ms. Specht tells her that she wants her bottom high up in the air. She tells Debra that she is going to strap her and she's not going to sit down for a week. Debra is strapped good and hard and then she's sent to the corner.

Now it's Celia's turn to be punished. Ms. Specht puts Celia over her knees and proceeds to spank her over her dress. Then her dress is lifted, her panties and pantyhose are pulled down to the middle of her thighs and she is spanked very hard on her bare bottom.

After Celia is spanked she is sent to replace Debra in the corner. Then for the finale Debra lays over Ms. Specht's lap for a very hard bare bottom spanking with a very large hairbrush.

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