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Demoted to the Fourth

time: 42 Mins
year: 1999
Review by Mars 3/11/11

Two experienced CP actresses, Catherine Corbett and Sarah Harvey Lewis, play errant (and slightly mature) schoolgirls in a conventional classroom oeuvre. They have disappointed headmistress Miss Hayworth, who demotes the girls from Sixth Form to the dress and privileges of Fourth Form. They turn in their prefect badges. And of course there will be spankings.

The scene is founder Ivor Gold's fully equipped classroom--books, desks, clock on the wall, all the stuff. Miss Hayworth is played by a buxom blond actress who looks like she means business. She inspects Emily (Ms. Corbett) and Annabel (Ms. Lewis) with disgust, even pulling up their skirts to check their knickers. The girls are sent to change into Fourth Form pinafores, sashes, white knee socks, and high heels, and they return for the action to begin.

The girls sit--the camera films under their desks and between their legs. For some reason, throughout this film the camera crew gets caught on-camera in scenes or casts movng shadows over the action. Emily is taken OTK first--a conventional spanking, blue knickers down afer a few minutes. Emily is cornered, very nice--Annabel gets the same.

Emily returns, and having been in this classroom before, knows where to find the strap. Over the desk, pants down, moderate strapping, 20 strokes, permitted pauses for rubbing. Ms. Corbett is one of the most experienced CP actresses and frequently receives the hardest spankings in her films. Her appearance on the screen makes the heart beat faster.

Annabel vs. the strap. Her white panties are one size too big. She gets to rub too. Now over the desk, the bare -bottomed girls are left to think, while we to gaze at them. Ms. Hayworth returns, handspanks both girls as they stand, and flashes the cane before them to set up their next phase.

Emily (Ms. Corbett) is next, hands-on-chair, pants down, 8 moderate counted strokes, then 5 in the touch-toes position. Closeup of tears dripping down. Four more strokes, bending over. Welts and wheals. Annabel's turn, and not so hard--12 strokes at the chair and touch-toes. She gets a break then 12 more touch-toes. Good ceiling shots.

To complete the humiliation the girls are sent to stand in the hall, pants down. "Oh no, everyone will see us!" Delightful thought.

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