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Desperate Housewives

Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer
Written by Chelsea Pfeiffer and Clare Fonda
Staring: Clare Fonda
Chelsea Pfeiffer
Running Time: approximately 45 minutes
Review by Katrina

It is commonly stated that the sequels are not as good as the original. This is the second sequel to the original meeting between Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer in "Chelsea's Cute Competitor". This film proves that folk tale wrong. This is just as good, if not better, than the original.

Let me just state from the beginning that this is a no-holds barred spanking. The two ladies go at each other without holding anything back.

It starts, as the others did, with Clare knocking on the door of Chelsea's home. Clare is dressed in a turquoise shawl over a white blouse and black pants. Chelsea is wearing a satin robe. She has come to talk about a mutual friend, "Mr. Right." Clare feels that he is "hot" for "little old me". Chelsea, it seems, also has a new friend. It turns out to be the same "Mr. Right." Now, the two ladies start to describe their mutual friend. And, once the two descriptions seem to match, it lays the basis for a small "cat fight" over their lover.

Perhaps "cat fight" is the wrong term. It is more of a fight expressed on Chelsea's bottom as demonstrated by Clare. Clare tells Chelsea that "he and I are saying the 'L' word." When Chelsea disagrees, Clare grabs her arm and pulls Chelsea over her lap. Chelsea drops with a thud, bottom up over Clare's lap. As Chelsea starts to complain with her indignant manner, Clare raises her hand and brings it down with a resounding slap on her right cheek. The spanking has started.

Clare starts to slap her bottom with a bit of force and Chelsea starts to complain in pain. Clare still accuses her of stealing her "man" in between the slaps on Chelsea's robe covered bottom. Clare must still manage some control as her target starts to rise and is hastily pushed back down. It seems that Clare likes to repeatedly strike the same place over and over again. It must be five or six slaps to the exact same spot before she moves to the other cheek.

The disagreement over whose "Mr. Right" belongs to continues. Chelsea has not quite learned that you don't argue with the person spanking you because the spanking never seems to stop until the end of the argument; and you never win those arguments.

By the time that Clare starts to tire, it is time to remove Chelsea's robe revealing the matching satin panties over Chelsea's slim bottom. This is the same bottom that is beginning to show a few shades of red underneath the panties. Clare's spanking style is best described as a few slaps delivered with her full arm's strength. When she girdles Chelsea's panties and starts to pick up the pace she asks "Does it sting?" Clare, of course it stings. The panties come down fairly quickly at this point. Now, the discussion goes to the bottom of the matter.

A few more slaps on the bare fanny, and Clare rustles into her purse for something to help her own red hand. Chelsea uses the opportunity to pull Clare's hair and is rewarded with a few more slaps to her already red posterior. She is bigger and crazier than her. Chelsea should not mess with her.

Clare manages to extract from her handbag a "cheap sleazy adult sex toy" square paddle, resembling a leather fly-swatter. Chelsea is correct. It is a cheap looking item. However, when Clare begins to quickly apply the flat end of the paddle to Chelsea's bottom, Chelsea has a different term for it. It is simply "Ow". By the time that Clare has finished with the paddle, Chelsea's bottom can pass for the color of a bubbling pot of tomato sauce. Still, Chelsea remains composed.

Finally, Clare lets Chelsea up. Chelsea gets up rubbing her sore bottom. She wastes no time and the struggle is on for the other order. Clare finds herself over Chelsea's lap. Now is the time for a bit of revenge. It is payback time. Either Clare takes the spanking or Chelsea will sue her.

The spanking of Clare starts over her jeans. She has a score to settle. Chelsea starts to redden Clare's bottom with a very regular and full strokes. You can not tell the temperature of Clare's cheeks, but it is obvious that the figure is rising. After a few moments, Chelsea instructs Clare to "drop 'em" or go to court. Claire reluctantly agrees and rises, unfastens her belt and drops the pants, revealing her flesh colored, see-through panties. Now, the color of her cheeks is very obvious. They are both red.

Claire has a very light skin. Her red bottom is a strong contrast to the pale skin, even through the sheer panties. Chelsea wastes no time. She continues to rain pain down upon Clare's bottom as her cheeks get redder and redder. All this time, she continues to lecture her about their "boy friend" and the fact that she, not Clare, should see him. Even Clare remarks that Chelsea has a "heavy hand".

When the panties are removed, as if they offered any real protection, the spanking continues in earnest on Clare's naked bottom. Now, the color of her bottom has shifted to an all-round red hue. This is the sign of a well-spanked bottom. Still, the hand spanking continues as it seems almost impossible for Clare's bottom to become any redder. It still manages to do so.

After some minutes of spanking Clare, Chelsea stops to rub some of the sting from the target before resuming the onslaught. This continues again for a short period before Chelsea manages to use the same cheap paddle that she complained about earlier. She rains the paddle down with a very quick and full pattern to leave Clare's bottom simply red in a all round pattern.

Once the paddling is completed, Clare is let up and the two hug.

The film ends.

This film is in the full style of Chelsea's earlier works. It is the turn-around-is-fair-play manner that is her style. Both women end up with red bottoms. Both women end up spanking the other. These two ladies are personal friends. They both use the style that is served them well.

This film is done with "no holds barred". Both ladies go at it with the zeal and determination of delivering a full and complete spanking to the other. The situation is faked. The spankings are real. The film is excellent.

I have always liked the combination of Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer. This is the third jewel in their collective crowns. I hope that they continue to add to the collection. It is a real treat. Perhaps these two friends will not see each other in the same light in the future. Perhaps it is best said when someone made that old pun "Alls well that ends well". The two ladies had each other's end in sight, of that you can be certain.

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