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Desire, Deception, and Discipline

49 Minutes
Review by MARS posted 1/7/11

Actress identified as Jadie Reece plays Angelina, a saucy-looking blonde who has an Internet fetish. Her boyfriend Charlie finds she works sites as "Fuck Bunny," and gives her a taste of a spanking to suggest what might happen if she doesn't reform. The film is in three parts.

"Desire": Angelina is spanking herself as she views something on her computer. The camera follows her bottom upstairs to her room, for some more self-spanking and masturbation. Silly so far.

"Deception": Actress Sarah Harvey Lewis shows up as "Charlotte Strict," as if Fuck Bunny Angelina hooked up with her on the Internet. Angelina is wearing a slinky body stocking and has arranged to d0 the spanking. Sarah begins a hard OTK spanking without much ado. Pants down, some fingers between Angelina's legs. "Harder, Mistress!" Sarah intensifies. "Hard enough?" "Not yet."

Sarah presents Angelina with a thick 4-fingered tawse. She must lick it, then hands-on-bed for hard strokes. Angelina takes Sarah's skirt off. They kiss and fondle each other, wearing only their undies. Angelina removes Sarah's panties, kneels to perform oral sex.

The reason for Angelina's appointment continues. More handspanking on the bed, and into the diaper position, quite revealing. Sarah gets implements and starts with the cane, very hard because she is a CP professional, not only portraying one here but with plenty of experience. Six strokes, then 10 more while Angelina leans on the bed, almost wicked in intensity. Angelina masturbates as she is canes. Next comes body cream for a sore bottom.

"Discipline": Charlie catches the girls (we were hoping he was nearby) and takes Angelina OTK. Mistress Sarah observes in just brand new pants, wondering who this guy is who has taken her role and intruded on their scene. She fetches first a sole paddle then a tawse, then a long flogger with a heart-shaped tip to assist Charlie, who whales away with no mercy on poor Angelina.

Finally, naked Sarah hands Charlie the cane and gives him a little tutorial on how to crack it across Angelina's buttocks. He learns fast, lays on 8 strokes. Sarah does five strokes and demonstrates the joy of a rubbing probe between strokes. Charlie tries some zingers and massages.

This has been so much fun, Sarah and Charlie are going to the pub for a drink. Angelina is left behind and masturbates.

Charlie returns and now sees his girlfriend Angelina in a new light. He begins spanking her again, her bottom having lost all the marks from the previous session. Fun times ahead for both.

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