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Detention House II

35 minutes
Review by UK Reviewer

Detention House II is supposedly a sequel to an old Rigid East detention movie which was set, like most of their early stuff, incongruously, on domestic premises, a far cry from the studio facilities now available to Lupus films - a glance at their web page reveals not only the huge sets in use but optical, lighting and sound equipment of the highest calibre. Something else the web page will confirm is that this movie is not billed as featuring corporal punishment. Although there is some whacking with a perforated board that is more of an incidental than a feature. This is a "women in prison" story pandering to the prurience of those with an interest in the indignities women in such a situation must suffer (as much in the USA, as it happens, as under some backward women-hating regime east of Suez).

The detention house is headed by a Mother Superior, suggesting a connection with the Church, but it goes somewhat further than Peter Mullen's Magdalene Sisters, which reveals the horrors of the Irish Church laundries in which wayward girls were incarcerated as late as 1996. As the Vatican denounced that production as a "rancorous provocation", God, and perhaps the Pope, only knows what they would say about Detention House II. The nude scene in Sisters where the inmates were taunted by two nuns, is mirrored in this Lupus production by the inspection of the girls' "private" parts which itself follows a prurient interrogation, delivered by an ageing governor/headmaster type, regarding their habits, to discover whether the condition of the said parts is due to excessive masturbation, rape or loose living.

All of this, and the subsequent chastisement takes place with all four girls trussed in what some call the "diaper" position, each with their wrists and ankles attached by straps to the bed-heads, like "oven-ready" fowl tastefully prepared for the urban masses to consume at Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Everything is in sharp focus and very well lit presenting the viewer with the dilemma of which rear end he would choose, given the happy opportunity, to "kiss better" after the whackings.

The film finishes with the girls' offending parts being smeared with a supposedly caustic cream intended to keep their minds on the parts while at the same time their wrists remain attached to the bed-heads to keep their hands off them.

This is one for those who wish to indulge an appetite for prurience (and there is nothing wrong with that - the Church has been at it for centuries).

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