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Detention House: Internal Affairs

Time: 38 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted 1/23/09

We, unlike some reviewers, have been continually entertained by the "Detention House" series, where young ladies find themselves facing different degrees of very unpleasant punishments by the staff of the institutions. Every detail in this short work is carefully constructed.

Four very cute girls in schoolgirl garb sneak past a sleeping guard but are caught inside by a female governess as they try to creep back to their dormitory. The rules in this particular "detention house" are apparently more relaxed, except of course if you are caught breaking them. In RGE style, four girls usually means four bottoms.

In the Czech language, we presume the girls are told to report to a large bathroom and to remove all clothing below the waist before they enter. Perfect production values--wonderful detail of the four pretty faces, who seem to know what happens behind this locked bathroom door. Their long school blazers hide their now bare bottoms. They bundle and hug their underthings. Bottoms peek. Temperature rising.

Governess leads them in. One little blonde is sent to a cabinet to get leather ankle restraints.

A striking blue-eyed pigtail brunette, actress Jana Georgina Lewis, is selected first. She is made to remove the rest of her clothes--blazer, tie, blouse and slip. She stands naked--pale, perfect, exceptional pert alert breasts, and maybe a little shiver in this stark institutional bathroom. Her three associates cower. Excellent cinematic tension. The blonde is directed to fasten the cuffs and chains around the brunette's ankles, and the brunette climbs up onto a sort of box, face up, on her back. Wrists are cuffed to the box sides and a waist strap secures her. Then the governess raises her legs into the diaper position and strings and fastens the chains to wall hooks, spreading her legs wide. Exquisitely detailed preparation and, we like to say, leaving nothing of this elegant young brunette's intimacies left to your imagination. Every freckle. The governess matron clips her ankles together after we have gotten our eyeful, which fleshes out her buttocks for the festivities. A pristine white body on the griddle.

The governess has a devlish paddle, issued from the Lupus arsenal, hard wood, with a tea-saucer sized striking surface and a donut hole, used with cunning results in other Detention Houses. The girls turn away when they see it, and our sweet Hollywood-qualiity brunette conveys lovely frightened looks. The paddling begins and the girl screams immediately. Huge red bruises instantly with the tell-tale white center eye-of-the-hurricane marks caused by this sort of paddle. Her surging bottom provides most embarrassing views. The paddling borders on the gruesome.

The short little pigtailed bonde, our equipment helpmate, is next,and slowly strips. She has shaved bald, as have all the girls. The second blonde fastens her in the same way. Her bare feet are filthy; whoever maintains this bathroom ought to be made to pay a visit to this bench. She screams down the walls during her paddling, achieving the same rosy bruises.

The second taller blonde is call forward, slowly strips, but panics and bolts out the door, running off jaybird naked. Someone catch her!

And last, a short solid brunette strips and is fastened and paddled. The two sulking naked red-bottomed girls are dismissed. The "governess," who has been looking more and more suspiciously aroused in closeups, strips off a wig. She's a man. He retrieves a root and proceeds to give her a slow, sensual figging. Perfect textbook anal and facial closeups, great lighting, and the little actress Anna Maria Krakova is delightfully miserable, getting figged, strapped down naked, legs high in the air. The male attendant proceeds to drop his pants, and although we don't see any detail, he steps up and Anna Maria gets the double dose.

Back in the reformatory office, this male attendant and the "headmistress," who also is a male in drag, toast and smoke cigars over another conquest of their helpless inmates. A guard drags in the naked escaped blonde and the two men flex canes.

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