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This video is set in a school enviroment. The first section shows a long haired cute brunette that gets paddled. All of the girls in this video are wearing a black outfit with white blouse and white panties. The brunette is made to bend over an receives a very lengthy and hard paddling. The teacher delivers several at a time, does some scolding, several more, more scolding, ect. This girl is definatley punished hard. I believe the total count is somewhere around 20 or so swats and the paddle breaks at one point. (Seems staged, but I really don't know for sure). The second scene features identical twins. Now, this perked my interest. Offhand, I can't remember identical twins getting spanked. The 2 girls are blonde and are spanked one at a time on the bare bottom. The spanking is average, but you do get some between the leg shots. Not what I had hoped for this scene, but still was fun to watch. The last scene shows a dirty blonde with long hair. She first submits to a hand spanking on the bare bottom over the lap of a black lady, who is the principal. The spanking is pretty hard, but it gets better. The gist of the story is that the 3 other girls were punished for not doing their homework, but in fact they did and this last girl was stealing it and turning it in as her own. This comes into play now, as the pricipal lets the other girls get in on the action. The girl who did the stealing is bent over a desk and each girl gets a turn whacking her behind with a heavy ruler. One of the girls uses the broken paddle, which breaks again (come on now). Of course, they have a fresh one standing by to finish the job. This last girl has a tattoo, which as I mentioned before does nothing for me. Still though, this was a great video with alot of action. The video is an hour long.

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