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Diary of Discipline

28 minutes
Early 1990's
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 3/27/09

This seems to date back to the early '90's; familiar CalStar characters are young and trim. A reference to a "VexFilm" production is new to us. A delectable blonde "Tina" narrates her own indctrination and descent into the CP world in three segments. We recall this actress in "College Classics #2," one of our favorites because of her, among her other performances. She is tall and thin, but otherwise has high hard breasts and an especially notable bottom, also high and hard, and prominent. She has a style of arching her back and thrusting her buttocks to meet the spanker. Her ditzy blonde frizz and insouciant manner would incite any spanker lucky enough to have her in position to work all the harder.

In segment #1, she testifies on-screen and then we witness--her boyfriend marches her into the woods, strips off her top, ties her to a tree, then strips down her panties, leaving her naked, angry, cold and beautifully vulnerable alone in the desolate bucolic setting. An erotic sight, as she twists her power-packed body, and a fantasy one could have over any saucy girl you see flitting about. "You bastard," she screams. She admits in her testimony that this bondage forged her interest in spanking. Memorable scenes.

The next scene features a very thin "Brian," as when he appeared in early Sophie Fennington "Lisa Must Be Caned" in 1989. He has caught Tina nipping at the house vodka while she is in his house babysitting. He has always fancied spanking her (understandable when you gander her figure) and this is his chance. She accepts a "smacked bottom" in return for his replacing the vodka. She takes her robe off and is not wearing a bra, just white panties. She is spanked OTK on the couch, and when she arches her back, "You're enjoying every bloody minute of this, aren't you?" She is, as are the rest of us. "It's time I wrenched your knickers down." Excellent closeups, rear and face. She keeps her thighs apart--it is clear she is excited. More spanking kneeling on the couch, wearing just white socks. Very impressive.

And the third segment: Tina is so into spanking now that she has answered an advertisment for a submissive female and shows up at a motel room to receive a dose, of what she describes as her "first experience with the cane." Another familiar male spanker plays a dominant, who specializes in the ritualistic language of CP.

"Strip down to your underwear," which is white bra and red panties. She is instructed to lie flat on the bed, pillow under her hips. "Raise your bottom slightly in the air." 3 crisp cane strokes. "Jut your bottom up in the air." She kneels on the bed, face buried, bottom high--2 more zingers. And last, she kneels and hangs onto the headboard. "Lower your knickers. I'm going to cane you on your bare bottom." She is naked for a few more strokes. She assumed these postures in CC #2 cited above, because her prominent figure is ideally exposed in this way.

And last, she is directed to kneel in front of the man as the scene fades, for the last part of her appointment.

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