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Direct Your Own Spanking Video

Starring: Jacqueline Omerta
Lucy Roulin
Review by: John O'Connell, Webmaster.

Direct your own Spanking Video is the first production to utilize the technological advantages of the DVD. Instead of just dropping in the disk and watching a video from beginning to end, the viewer is given options throughout the video that will allow them to decide what outfit the submissive is wearing and in what way they will be punished. Although all the parts could easily be assembled into one video production, this method gives some interaction to the production and gets the viewer involved in their own experience. What's cool, is it give the viewer freedom. Perhaps today you're in a schoolgirl mood and not a nurse mood. Well, you don't have to fast forward through 20 minutes of film before getting to that part now. You don't even have to scene select as this is the first choice you make.

The lone submissive for this production is Lucy Roulin who is a cute brunette with shoulder length hair. This young lady can take quite a spanking and from the Behind the Scenes section at the end of the video, is really into the scene. More on that later. The only issue that I had personally was that she has a lot of tattoos. One arm and a large portion of her back are covered. Now, that's a preference thing, so it doesn't take away from the production unless that sort of thing turns you off. The downside in my opinion is when you have a scenario where the submissive is dressed as a school girl or cheerleader, which in this production are choices you can make, it takes away from some of the realism. However, if you choose the spankings with their outfits on, you don't really see them due to the long sleeves of the costumes. Ok, enough about that. Jacqueline Omerta is the dominant of the production and provides her usual stern speech and hard spankings that she is known for.

When you first start the video, you are given 2 choices. You can go to the main production, or you can view the Behind the Scenes production. Choosing the main film takes you through a short introduction and then a short clip where Jacqueline remarks how Lucy is late and is very upset about this. First Choice time. You now can select which outfit Lucy will be dressed in: Cheerleader, Maid, Schoolgirl, or Nurse. After making your selection, Lucy will enter the room in that outfit and will be scolded by Jacqueline for being 2 hours late. The dialogue does change a little bit to adjust to each outfit, with a different excuse each time. Each time Jacqueline is given an answer by Lucy that she can do what she wants and the reply is "not on my clock" as she points to the clock on the wall. Don't ask me why, but I liked that. I'd like to say that to a few people myself. Then it's time for her punishment. You are now presented with your second choice. Spanking in the outfit or completely nude.

If you choose spanking in the outfit, Lucy will be brought over Jacqueline's knee and spanked by hand over the skirt, then panties, and then bare bottom with the panties being lowered and not removed. The sequence is the same for each outfit. The spanking is fairly hard and brings Lucy's butt to a nice shade of red. If you were to choose completely naked, then Lucy will strip out of her outfit and is, as the selection indicates, spanked completely in the nude. The nude spanking is the same scene irregardless of the outfit, so once you've seen it, that's it. I suppose that makes sense, why spank someone naked 4 different times in the same room, when you're going to be given additional options later. Which, brings us to the next choice. After a lengthy over the knee spanking, you are given a choice for the 2nd part of the spanking. If Lucy was spanked in her outfit, then you can have her spanked over the knee with a hairbrush, or bent over the couch with a paddle. Again, the same two options apply for all outfits. If Lucy is naked, then you can choose to have her placed in the diaper changing position and strapped, or bent over the couch and caned.

Once the 2nd part of the punishment is complete, you are presented with your final choice. Following the punishment, Lucy can either be sent to the corner or consoled with a hug. This choice is the same whether she was in an outfit or nude. Once this is completed, you are brought back to the main menu and you can either start up the video again and watch Lucy get spanked in another outfit, or check out the Behind the Scenes clip. The Behind the Scenes presentation is pretty good, you get to first hear some interviews with Jacqueline, Vinnie, Lucy, and other Pacific Force employees. Following the interview portion, you will then see some set construction and how they set up the cameras, which I actually thought was cool. You can see some of the challenges they come across and how they dealt with them. You also see some rehearsing and other behind the scene goodies.

All in all a good production. The spanking action is average in severity and the audio/video quality is good. I think this is a bold step into the future of video production. The technology has been there, but no one seemed to want to be the first one to try a video of this type. Perhaps it involved money and resources, or figured if it's not broke don't fix it and didn't want to venture into something new. That and not everyone has a DVD player, where just about everyone has a VCR. Although the video isn't perfect, it's a great insight as to what can be accomplished. I hope that in the future, both Pacific Force and other companies will produce more of this type of media. I think it involves the viewer more and makes them feel like they are playing a part. Hopefully we will see more choices and more actresses within one DVD to really fulfill the potential of this technology.

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