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Anonymous guest review posted 10/23/09

I have purchased a clip from the site 'Disciplinary spankings' at http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/30091

Almost all of the clips, which are always complete little films lasting between 5 and 15 minutes, star a an surprisingly young fellow named Kyle who dishes out 'disciplinary spankings' to numerous young women.

The concept of real disciplinary spankings is taken very seriously in all the clips. There always is a lengthy introduction as to why exatly the spanking takes place. In fact all the spankings are given for a really credible reason (as cracy as this may sound). Kyle tells us the spankees often contact him because they feel they really need a spanking. Usually to get over some feelings of guilt. This maybe true or not, the girls getting spanked almost always agree to it and go sheepishly over Kyle's knee. Kyle makes a pretty good dom, being relatively calm and domineering, always in controll, never yelling or abusive.

The clip I have purchased is called 'Sealing her fate'. It stars Kyle and a small blond girl named Kathy.
The setting: The couple goes to beach for some fun and relaxation. When they arrive, Kathy stumbles und breaks one of her sandals. Kyle then presents her a pair of new sandals, which he claims to be a surprise for her, that he would have given her later that day. What a coincidence!

Kathy puts her new shoes on, but she feels unconfortable in them. Kyle then leaves Kathy alone and goes down to the beach, she promises to follow him soon. As soon as Kyle is gone, naughty Kathy simply kicks her brand new sandals down a cliff, before joining Kyle down on the beach.

Kyle at once inquires where the sandals have gone, which he claims to have been rather expensive. 15 Dollars! With a naughty smile Kathy tells him she threw the nasty shoes down the cliff, which upsets Kyle quite a bit. How childish! Why not sell the sandals, or give them to someone else, or maybe even go back to the store und try to change them? But throwing them off a cliff! Kyle decides there an then that his girl needs to be taught a lesson.

He sits down on a stone on the beach, pulls her shorts and panties down and puts her over his knee. The spanking that follows is hard and very real. Kathy kicks her pretty legs about, her bare feet dancing through the air. (A nice feature for particulary crazy people like me^^).

While her bottom gets reddend Kathy spots a seal right behind the couple. Kyle at first doesn't believe her, sometimes he is glancing around, most likely watching for bystanders who might interrupt the filming ^^

Kathy suddenly jumps up and runs away, since she doesn't want to be spanked in front of a seal. I have found that somewhat cute^^

Kyle catches her and puts her back over his knee to finish her spanking. He starts calling her 'Kathryn', just like parents sometimes call naughty children by their full names when the kids are in trouble. He spanks her for maybe another minute, her cute bottom getting really red. Then he makes her get up and bend over. He finishes her spanking with a couple of hard swings to her bare bottom, that have her yelping, but she very obviously can take the punishment.

Picture and sound-quality:
For an outdoor video the picture quality is amazingly good. In fact pretty much first rate. The sound is also quite good, but in one short scene, when Kyle discovers the sandals are gone, the dialogue is sometimes drowend by the roar of the waves. Not a big flaw if you ask me.

In general I have have found this portrail of a domestic discipline relationship to be really nice and sexy.

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