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Discipline Friday

Nu West NW-116
27 minutes

Anne Bowman dishes out spankings on Friday nights at her place. We love this idea of a scheduled punishment hour--name lists on the bulletin board, appointment with the matron, etc. There are versions of this plot to be found; Nu WEST'S clinical institutional style can make the skin on anyone's bottom crawl. Cute little Denise, her maid, in official costume, has displeased Anne and is taken OTK for a nice hard handspanking; her pants are pulled down in a mostly faux little stuggle.

Next scene: William (male of course) stands nude before a sawhorse and refuses maid Denise's direction to bend over it. (In addition to being spanked on an occasional Friday, she assists her mistress in the spanking of others.) He's only 20 years old, Anne is executrix of his inheritance, so he must still take his punishment from her for poor college work; Anne enters to see to him, removes her robe to display corny dominatrix trappings---you'd have to say she does get her fun Friday nights. William finally bends over and stoically takes about 30 cane strokes. Then he puts on women's panties and takes about 50 from a paddle. We don't care about F/m, but this does seem reasonably impressive. In another scene, Bowman wears a riding outfit and whips William with a crop. He reaches his limit and begs her to stop.

Denise is ordered back in the room, made to strip completely (very nice, except a terrible camera angle), and is horsed nude over naked William. Anne gives her about 10 with her belt in the best moment (for we F/f fans) in the video. This show is otherwise a trifle but for this stack of flesh at the conclusion.

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