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Discipline of Amanda

31 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/8/10

An American production. Amanda reports to Nik in the "Disciplinary Office," where he has charge of disciplining young ladies in an arts school, and where he has displayed the tools of his trade--paddles and canes. Amanda is a student in trouble, a cute blonde in eyeglasses and a low-cut white dress. She has been tardy, has poor grades, and is on a scholarship, not a good combination for bargaining.

She begs leniency. Nik: "There is another way. We will address it sternly." Poor Amanda: "Whatever it is, I'll do it. Please don't kick me out." Nik waves a cane at her. "You're going to check in with me once a week." He grabs her, takes off her glasses for her, wrestles her OTK and begins a lefthanded handspanking. Skirt up, yellow panties.

He stands Amanda up and unceremoniously pulls her dress down. She is not wearing a bra. He has himself a good fondle before he forces her to kneel on a chair for a red floppy leather paddle. She efficiently keeps her blond hair from covering her face.

Her yellow pants come down along about here. Nik suspects she is enjoying the paddling. Some odd OTK positions follow, Nik tweaks her breasts when he can, the hairbrush comes into play.

Amanda bends over a table for a large round wooden paddle, which sets her squealing even louder.The stiff leather spanker does its work as she bends, boobs on display. And finally the cane, about 10 slow strokes, naughty camera angles.

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