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The Doctor Is In

Time:44 min
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR

This is a practice of medicine we endorse, but are these therapies covered by insurance? Open with a typical view of a cold stone institutional building---a nice foreboding of what things might be going on behind those walls.

A white-smocked, pony-tailed male doctor is at work at his desk, next to an examining table---promising. A sexy nurse (also promising) advises that two girls are waiting, both with complaints that suggest they haven't been taking their prescribed medication.

Miss Larson is ushered in first; she is an attractive blonde, well dressed--appropriate for seeing your doctor, in a sweater and skirt, black stockings. After a few questions, "You still look a little peaked...we need to put some color in your cheeks...." Now, we know what he means, but Miss Larson doesn't---yet. "Remove your skirt." "But why?" "Remove knows best."

None too happy, Larson removes her skirt and lies on the table. The doctor pulls up her sweater and blouse and fondles her a bit. His hands must be cold. She is turned over on her stomach---doctor feels her back and gives us a peek inside her panties.

Our doctor is explaining his revised "therapy" and before we know it, Larson id off the table, OTK, and the spanking has begun. The nurse is practically wetting her pants with excitement as she hovers. It's a hard, thorough handspanking. "OH...that hurts...." "Just warming you up...." "For what?" "For your medicine, my dear." He pulls down her panties and the nurse enthusiastically pulls them off over her shoes as the hard spanking continues. Larson's bottom is reddening. DR wants nurse to observe to learn how to spank. Nurse fondles Larson's bottom. "Oooh, it's warm."

For the next phase of the therapy, Larson leans over the examining table, while the doctor zings her with a leather spanker. She wriggles her beautiful bottom during the attack. "This is the forehand....and the backhand." Out comes the cane, and while the nurse holds Larson still, the doctor lays on 15 hard strokes. In gasps: "Is that it...all...Dcotor?" The nurse is asked to rub ointment on Larson's bottom. The screenplay probably prompted: "with a flourish." Larson must take an appointment for more of the same tomorrow.

Lisa James is next in the waiting room, very pretty, long black hair and also nicely dressed. Could she hear the cries from the examining room, like the Rigid East girls lined up waiting their turn? Lisa has visited the doctor because she is still wetting her bed! Our doctor has special therapy for that too, and quickly Lisa's skirt is off and she is kneeling up on the table and the handspanking starts. "Oh, doctor." "This is the bedwetting position. Pants must be removed to take pressure off the bladder." And a nice position it is, kneeling on the table, head down, bottom high, knees spread, and of course no pants.

Phase 2 is the tawse; Lisa makes nice little doctor's-office discomfort noises; the nurse can hardly contain herself; then it's the cane---I counted 23; the doctor announces there will be six more, then loses count, checks with the director behind the camera, and lays on 2 more than the six. Poor Lisa! There were some repeats, but we had a good time and it's evident that Lisa didn't. "Nurse, you may cream the patient." And then, of course--we were waiting for this---"Please stay behind. I've been meaning to speak to you about bad timekeeping."

He explains to her the value of experiencing his therapies herself. She is soon OTK on the waiting room couch. In a rare moment, he impatiently rips open her pantyhose to get her pants down. A camera angle we love---over his shoulder as he spanks down on bare cheeks. Next she kneels over the back of the couch for a hard session with a leather ping pong bat-sized paddle. Then she pulls off his belt and whips her American-style. She dodges and twists to avoid the doubled belt but never forgets to keep her best features toward the camera.

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