New Domestic Discipline 2

Running Time: 60 minutes
reviewed by John O'Callahan, publisher/webmaster

The video starts with Lucy sleeping in bed. She is a cute brunette with long hair. We follow her as she wakes up, gets out of bed, heads to the bathroom, removes her pajamas and then takes a bath. She is then seen putting on her school girl outfit, complete with dark green panties and knee high stockings. All of this to one snazzy tune they play in the back ground. Only thing that would have been better is if Dave Brubeck was enlisted to play his famous rendition of Take Five. She then completes the ensemble with her overcoat and straw hat. Got to love those hats. Off she goes and walks to class. She is then summoned by a man smoking a pipe. I didn't quite get what his function was, but it appears like he is some sort of dean or ranking school official. Anyway, he explains that he has spoken with both her parents and her headmaster regarding her behavior and poor study habits and she is in deep trouble. She is going to come back later that night and get a "damn good spanking". She starts to shake and quiver a little bit, and she is told "you are not going to like it, believe you me, you're not going to like it one bit". No sir, not one bit at all. And then after that, she'll get the strap and a bloody caning. She is sent to her room to do academic work and is ordered to return at 8 PM. We then see her in the tub, pondering her upcoming punishment. I have to say, Lucy has some really great facial expressions throughout this production.

The scene begins with Lucy over his lap getting a hand spanking over her panties. She is already moaning and groaning and he's just begun. She then calls him a pervert, which is a really great thing to say to someone that's slapping the shit out of your ass. He was a little annoyed by the comment, but it didn't phase him at all. He then pulls down her panties and continues the spanking on the bare bottom. She screams and hollers even louder and he tells her to quiet down and to stop her whining. She keeps trying to put her hand back and block his hand from spanking her, which just gets him even more mad. Eventually, he holds her legs between his and holds her hand against the small of her back. She then proceeds to call him a pervert again. Now he starts to take offense to this and tells her he gets no pleasure from this. Then he goes back to spanking her "stupid little bare bottom".

He now reaches for the tawse and shows it to her. He explains how he's going to use it and how she won't forget it. He has her stand and remove the rest of her clothes so that she is completely naked. He examines her posterior and admires his workmanship up to this point. He shows her the tawse again and she can't bare to even look at it. She is made to bend over the couch and she begins to strap her naked flesh. She screams after each stroke and is made to count them. She is also made to thank him for each application of this device. After a bit of this punishment, he makes her say "give me a hard one", which he does. The scream that she lets out damn near broke my glass of water. Good thing I had the volume turned down a bit. He gives her a little rest while he has a drink and allows her to rub her sore bum.

Well, it's now time for the cane. Ah yes, everyone's favorite instrument, the long, wispy, cane. He makes her bend over and hold her knees. Naturally, he takes no pleasure in delivering these strokes to her naked behind, as she screams after each blow. After a few strokes, he sits in front of her and has a little chat about how he hopes she is learning her lesson. However, he just doesn't seem to be convinced that she's getting the picture. The next strokes are even harder than the first. He examines her butt once again, then continues the caning. Upon conclusion of the caning, he feels her breasts and rubs he bum, and sends her off to bed. She is crying as she gets into bed, and the guy appears to apply ointment to her bruised and battered rear end. The video then comes to a close.

I found this video to be quite entertaining. I thought Lucy's reactions and facial expressions were very good and showed some real emotion. One thing I've always enjoyed about British productions is the dialogue. They tend to have more interesting comments and witty one liners. The only draw back to this particular production is that some of the delays between strokes during the strapping and caning for this dialogue was a little lengthy. The guy takes a little bit too much time to say his peace before moving on to the next stroke. Other than that, a well done production that runs roughly one hour. The video/sound quality is good.

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