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Double Feature 1

45 minutes
M/f; M/f
Guest Review by Mars posted 6/6/08

Two simple but skillful exercises from Shadow Lane, which we will combine in this review. SL rolls credits on most of its work. Some estimable people from the CP scene have stopped by over the years, and we have tried to pay our amateur respects.

GLORIA: A startingly cute and sexy blonde has been fired from her strip club job where she danced, for fraternizing with the customers. This is some dolly; you can't blame a guy for trying. She is returning a schoolgirl costume to the club owner's house. How is this for a plot table-setter? She pleads to be rehired, with the obvious solution at hand.

So he'll give her a spanking to see if in fact that is enough punishment for her rules violation. She goes OTK and up comes the skirt. There is one of those dancers' bottoms--hard, high, compact, muscular, in tight red panties and a garter belt. He pulls the panties down. The spanking itself is unremarkable, except for the pleasure of watching this blonde bottoms-up, putting up a gentle struggle. Perfect lighting, sound, and camera angles. We've all read Shadow Lane was populated by professionals who appreciated the nuances of spanking.

Well, since she brought the uniform back, let's put it on. The boss gets a hairbrush. Back OTK in a sweet plaid pinafore--this would be great on the runway at the club. She's got white panties on now and jumps noticably at the first smack of the brush. Not the same as the palm. He spanks with his hand and the brush--we're guessing the actress communicated the brush was a bit much. The interplay is great. "Oh, I'll be good....I'm sorry...." etc. Now that she has surrendered, it seems appropriate that she take all her clothes off. Very nice.

Back OTK, and nude now, except for panties in the official Shadow Lane position--at the thighs. SL knows panties and that this depiction is better than total nudity during a spanking. She is a lovely wriggling pink mass. More hairbrush--and hard, producing those circular bruises. She is then cornered--naked.

FIGURE MODEL: Chelsea Pfeiffer herself plays a feisty model, who arrives late for a figure posing assignment, and feigns surprise that the job requires nudity. She resists, delays, and annoys the artist, actor Vincent Calabrese. Chelsea finally undresses but tries to cover up, until Vincent pulls her OTK sans towel to clarify the rules of the job and a little of what we came to see, since she's in position for it.

There follows a lengthy sweet handspanking. Chelsea kicks and squirms with exquisite awareness of just what charms we're watching. Vincent announces she's to get "50 of the best," crisp on-target handspanks in sets of 10. Chelsea is convinced and contrite, and climbs naked into position to pose, red bottom displayed. Vincent doesn't need to paint it pink, but such a vista will help while away the hours, and might require color renewal.

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