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Double Friday

Time:24 min

This is an oldie, with Nu West's early graphics, and poorly filmed, at least my copy. But we'll watch a spanking anywhere we can find one. NW's imaginative fantasies only improved. The kernals of genius are here. So is a young and sexy Anne Bowman, featured as a Dominatrix.

Friday must be come-to-Jesus night for Anne's household staff. Anne seems to be for hire to perform discipline. First is Anne's own maid, perky brunette Denise, in a skimpy little French maid getup. Anne is wearing a silk dressing gown (hiding what mysteries?) and confront Denise on her failed housecleaning. It's quickly OTK for her; up comes the skirt, such as it is, and Anne commences her customary hard, high-stroked piston hand-spanking. Lots of pretty kicking and twisting and good pro forma protest when the panties come down. Her nice white bottom is framed in garter belt and stockings. The textbook spanking lasts only three minutes.

Cut to scene #2, where a totally naked blond male is standing, back to us, in front of a punishment box, being admonished by Denise that he is required to bend over, which he is loathe to do. We'll see why. It seems he's been sent here for a session and Denise is tasked to prepare him. Anne reappears and removes her gown. She is wearing the classic corny dominatrix garb----laced corset, black panties, garter belt. heels, etc. and bare breasts popping out of a bustier. She is the executrix of this guy's inheritance, he's been kicked out of college, and he is still too young to avoid this punishment per terms of the will. She proceeds to cane him, maybe 60 strokes, with a stiff not-so-whippy model. It looked rigorous to me--hard, full swings. I couldn't detect any repeats other than from some in the ceiling camera. The contrast and color resolution were terrible, but there seemed extensive marking. I'm not a F/m fan, but this looked to be a wicked session.

Next, we see the same male leaning over a chair, wearing female panties only. Anne paddles him, maybe 30 times, with a large fraternity-sized implement. Full swing, very hard, and she leans into it. There are repeats, close up, and from the ceiling. In the net scene, Anne has changed into riding habit, and the guy, naked again, is bent over a saddle horse for about 25 sizzlers with a riding whip.

At last Denise is recalled---we've been waiting for this; she has been observing, and she is ordered to strip---all her clothes off. We watch--she unzips and drops her maid's dress, then the bra, then black stockings, panties and garter belt. It takes a while and it's fun. Nude, she must lie over the nude male blond, horsed, as it were, while Anne removes her belt. This is a delectable pile of pink. Anne doubles up the leather and lays on about 20 crisp and hard ones, but it's over and all too short, probably because it hurt. There are repeats. Production-wise, this early tape is quite poor. But Anne is a prodigious spanker and loves her work. NW kept improving.

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